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  • Spain Is King of Tomatoes16

    Mako and Korra the two who make up the ship Makorra.

    Today we fans of Avatar were awarded with pictures and more information on Season 2 like.....

    • Korra will venture out into the Spirit world in Book 2.
    • Asami takes over her fathers Satomobile business.
    • Bumi will be in the Southern Watertribe too, with his pink earmuffs.
    • We will see more of Korra’s parents in Book 2.
    • Pro-Bending will return and two new players are seen with Bolin.
    • Korra can successfully go in and out of the Avatar State with ease to help herself and others.
    • Mako becomes a cop.
    • Korra is mentored by her uncle, who lives in the Northern Watertribe.
    • ‘Spirit Creatures’ seem to be one of the season’s antagonists.
    • Two writers from The Last Airbender were brought in to work on Season 2 so Bry…

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