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2016... New Year, New Start

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With 2015 coming to a close, and with Christmas less than a week away (or an other holiday you may celebrate instead, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Diwali, Kwanzaa, et cetera), I think it's time to end 2015, Avatar Wiki's TENTH Anniversary, with something special. Heck, Wookieepedia put a banner under their logo saying "10th Anniversary  2005 - 2015", as apparently most Wikis were created in 2005. But as Avatar Wiki is a good Wiki as well, so why not us? Well, we're no Wookieepedia, Marvel/DC Comics Database, WoWiki, or Memory Alpha; but that's okay. So I have done a little research, asking around, and digging up old editions of the BSST, and to give you at least a little something.

Our beloved Avatar Wiki was created in 2005 by The Founder as a small database for a certain new Nickelodeon tv show, and it was a rather small community back than. I'd like to refer to those people as "The First Generation", users from the early days of the Wiki, who helped create much of what we know and love today. Back then, Wikia was much different, everything looked weird, and editing could be a bit awkward at times. Articles looked like this. (Scary, huh?) But somehow Generation 1 was able to cope with the hard crap and create Avatar Wiki Mark I.

With great success comes great popularity, and with Avatar quickly becoming Nickelodeon's Numero Uno tv show, a whole lot of new users started pouring in, as well as a substantial amount of anonymous users who weren't as active, but generally as productive. I'd like to think of this group as "The Second Generation", spanning from 2007-2009. The first series was reaching a close, but the Wiki was still in an early phase. The War Room, usergroups, videos, and lost of other things hardly existed, but even without this stuff, the Wiki was gradually becoming more and more populous and active. But as the series came to a close, that left an important question: What's next for Avatar Wiki and the community?

Well, my friends, this brings us to The Third Generation of AW users, which I think was from about 2010-2013. A large number of both active and non-active users came from this era, me included, though at that time I just discovered the Wiki and was still an anon. Users like now-admins Lady Lostris, Fruipit and HammerOfThor started to appear. By this time, an Avatar feature film was announced and in development, and rumors were starting to spread of a sequel series to Avatar...

Avatar Wiki had the most changed during the course of The Second and Third Generations. From more Admins and Bureaucrats to a dramatic increase in activity in the Fanon portal to the legendary "Anon Omission of 2013", the Wiki and the rest of Wikia had a lot of ups and downs. Thailog, one of the oldest active users on the sight, is technically from The Second Generation, so he could possibly tell you about how AW was back then. The omission of anons led to a big decrease of activity, but there was still hope, as a new series was starting, not to mention the new comics.

This brings us to the present: The Fourth Generation. This is what I think to be from late 2013-present. With The Legend of Korra still going strong, as well as the Wiki, there seemed to be no end in sight. However, all great things must come to an end, and when Book Four of LoK was announced, us users were all glad. IMO Book Four was okay, but had a lot of flaws, and a kind of weird ending. I think we all expected something more grand, like the Sozin's Comet quadrilogy of ATLA. After the series ended, the community was right back to where it was when the original series was when it ended; what next? A large majority of users we knew and (sometimes) loved started becoming inactive, from famous big figs like Vulmen, KettleMeetPot, Theavatardemotivator, and PSUAvatar14, to regulars and rollbacks like SifuHotman90, H-Man Havoc, Dcasawang1, and Olórin The White. However, new user started popping up, some of which, like me, created an account to continue editing. Some of these "new" users, such as Tono555 and Duke of Skibbington (and me!), joined in 2014, and I have noticed recently more, even newer users starting to appear. However, the trolls have returned. We tried to deny it, however they survived under the Rule of Two. But the activity is much more spread out; before, we used to have an edit, comment, or post at least once every 10 minutes; now, it's at least once every 1 or 2 hours.

I'd hate to see Avatar Wiki surviving only on occasional comics and merchandise, so let's make 2016 a good year for Avatar Wiki. The "User of the Month" and "Fanon of the Month" awards have not been given out nearly at all this past year, not even this month to my knowledge, so let's give those out every month. And one more thing - Seriously, we need a new Featured Article. I don't know what to nominate, but White Lotus prisons has been the featured page for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG, so let's try to keep these things more updated, mmmmmmkay?

But all things aside, let's try to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As the Wikians say, "Happy editing!" As Stan Lee says, "Excelsior!"

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