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The Legend of Korra is just about to officially air, and the critics have spoken! Below you will find a few reviews from professional critics along with their thoughts on the series. Stick around to the end, where Wikians will be able to review the show for themselves! Let's get started!

Loved it


"All in all, the setup for the series is damn near flawless, matching up with Avatar: The Last Airbender in all the right ways. It has that perfect mix of physical comedy and heartfelt drama. And while it's still unclear what exactly the series is about, we'll no doubt be getting the skinny on Amon, the show's big baddie, very soon. (He was only briefly introduced as the leader of an anti-bending revolution in the final moments of the episode.) But until then, I can safely say that The Legend of Korra promises to be an excellent addition to the Avatar mythos, pleasing both fans and newcomers alike."


"When episode two of The Legend of Korra was over, my son begged us to put on the next episode, and was horribly disappointed when we told him it wasn’t yet available. I was pleased to discover that I felt the same way. It’s a show that, so far, I’m not only happy to show to my son but am excited to watch with him."

Liked it


"'Korra' has so many moving parts and characters that are the principal villains are barely represented in the premiere, providing a mere hint of what's to come. Yet creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino (reprising their partnership on the earlier show) have already demonstrated it's possible to paint on Nickelodeon using a serialized canvas, featuring a world where spectacular creatures and extraordinary powers are the norm."

Hated it

So far, no reviewers have found LoK to be a disappointment!

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