Korra destroying the airbending gates
Training with a Master
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Sokka Jr

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September, 2012

Training Arena, Air Temple Island

A young man walked with Korra to the training grounds. His dark brown hair blew in the wind occasionally revealing his airbending tattoos. Dressed in more mordern clothes than traditional airbending attire, slid of his cape, and motioned for Korra to walk to the other side of the training grounds.

“Alright Korra, show me what you got,” The young man said, in a fighting stance.

“Oh, I’ll show you what I got,” Korra said with a chuckle. “You’ve been gone for a long time Kyfu, you think you can handle modern styles of fighting?”

“Less talk, more training,” Kyfu replied, as he shot a jet of air from his hand. Korra stomped the ground, forcing a small barrier up to protect her. Punching the rock, she sent chunk after chunk of rock flying at Kyfu. He made quick work of the rocks with his staff, blasting each one away.

“Korra, I’m a master bender, you really think a bunch of rocks will stop me,” he taunted.

“I’m just getting warmed up,” she replied, as she sent two massive fire streams back at Kyfu. But it was no challenge for the master bender, who just waved his hand, as he diverted the fire around him.

"You do remember I did duel Fire Lord Sozin, I'm not afraid of fire," He then created a massive air scooter and raced towards Korra, who had already summoned a earth wave. You could feel the tension rising in the air. Right before they both collided Kyfu flipped back into the air, and spiral kicked a massive jet of air, sending Korra flying to the ground. As Korra struggled to get up, she wiped the sweat from her face, and readied her stance.

"Wow, I haven't even broken a sweat yet!" Kyfu replied with a grin.

"Shut up!" Korra shouted. "I'm not going to let some all powerful master bender, beat me in a training fight!" Korra bent some water from the near by pond, and created a ice ramp, as she slid down towards Kyfu, furiously shooting icicles at him. He jumped and flipped around in attempt to dodge them, but the avatar was too quick. One icicle nailed him in the chest, bringing him to his knees. As he looked up, all he could see was a massive wave of water heading right for him. Kyfu quickly brought his fists together, creating a small compact air shield, but it didn't hold for long. Korra's wave instantly picked him up, and sent him flying into the rock wall.

“UGH!” Kyfu let out, as he gasped for air. He collapsed to the ground, frantically trying to catch his breath, as he wiped the blood from his lip. Everything was blurry, as he struggled to regain his composure. I’m not going to let it end this way, he thought.

As he struggled to get up from his knees, the adrenaline began to kick in. He could feel his own chi increasing. His body swayed a little, and eyes burning, from the sweat running down his face. “Pull yourself together Kyfu”, he thought, while readying his stance. He took a quick glance over to his shoulder, to see Korra ready to continue the fight. “I’ll give her a fight alright!” he thought to himself with a grin.

“SWOOSH!” Kyfu sent massive air swipe screaming at Korra. She had no time to react, and took the hit right in the chest.

“AHHH!” she let out with a gasp, while skidding across the stone floor.

“Are you ready to quit your training session?” Kyfu asked, “I think we both have had enough.” Korra just looked at him with disbelief.

“I’m a fully realized Avatar now. You really think I’ll give up after that warm up session,” she replied with a chuckle, while launching Kyfu into the air with a earth platform. As Kyfu flipped over her, she sent three quick fire burst at him. Kyfu was able to dodge the first two, but the third hit his shoulder, knocking him into Yue Bay.

Korra slid over to the edge on some ice, to see what Kyfu had up his sleeve, only to find some small bubbles on the surface. Down below the water, Kyfu’s unconscious body was quickly sinking towards the bottom. Suddenly his eyes shot open. Hundreds of memories flashed before his eyes, memories of the war.

Kyfu looked up towards the surface, twisting his arms around forming a massive air pillar. As he broke through the surface Korra just jumped back in shock. Kyfu gracefully landed back in the training grounds.

“Your move, Avatar,” he said. As he stood there a bright blue aurora began to form around him. Every breath made it bigger, until Kyfu was complete consumed by the aurora.

Korra stood in shock, she definitely bit off more that she could chew, but before she could make her move, a loud voice echoed through the training grounds.

“Stop this instant!” Tenzin shouted at the two, while his faced turned a dark red color. “I told you to help train Korra, not destroy the island!”

The aurora quickly dissipated as Kyfu glanced around to survey the damage to the grounds. The whole place looked like a hurricane had gone through.

“Sorry Tenzin, its just I haven’t had this much fun in a long time,” he said with a smile, while scratching his head.

“Well you too shouldn't destroy the island just for a training session. And next time try not to go in the Master State, Korra still hasn't mastered air bending.” Tenzin replied.

“Hey!” Korra interjected. “I wasn’t loosing, we were just taking time to gather our strength.” she shouted in defense.

“Well since our little duel is over, the world will never know who is more powerful. The Avatar, or a Master Bender.” Kyfu chuckled, as he patted Korra on the back. “But still, I win” he said, and ran off towards Tenzin.

“Hey, I’ll get you next time, Mr. Master Bender,” Korra replied pointing at Kyfu. “You better bring your A game.

Authors Note

  • I will admit there are a few grammatical errors that I might of missed when editing the story.

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