What your favorite person/quote/item/invention in Lok and Atla? It could be something funny, something interesting, something you think is awesome, or something you just like! Doesn't matter!

The first few days will be just nominating for your favorites! This will be like a tournament. There will be 4 nominees in each match, and voting will last three days, then I will take a day to update everything and we will have three more days of voting! 

Depending on the number of nominees, this tournament of favorites may last awhile! Make sure to tell your friends!

Want Updates?

Hey, guys! Want updates on when Voting starts or ends? Or when Nominating for the 2nd Smackdown will begin? What about a 1-day deadline for voting or nominating? Well, you can! Just send me a message and I will add you to a list of users that want notifications!

Ps. Just to clarify, I will NOT send a message for every nominee, just voting and nominating beginnings and ends.

Currently on the Updates List





  • 3. Freakin' Saddest Thing To Happen In A Cartoon Uncle singing 'Leaves From the Vine.
  • 3. Scene Azula, Zuko in their Agni Kai.

How Voting Will Work

You will vote once for each match in each tier. Voting will be on the comments portion of the page. Just write:

Tier 3


  1. -#
  1. -#
  1. -#

And so on...

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