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  • I live in My Sheath
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is ...oh....ya know....I do what we space swords usually do!
  • I am a female piece of metal that's OUTTA THIS WORLD!!
  • Sokka's Sword

    What your favorite person/quote/item/invention in Lok and Atla? It could be something funny, something interesting, something you think is awesome, or something you just like! Doesn't matter!

    The first few days will be just nominating for your favorites! This will be like a tournament. There will be 4 nominees in each match, and voting will last three days, then I will take a day to update everything and we will have three more days of voting! 

    Depending on the number of nominees, this tournament of favorites may last awhile! Make sure to tell your friends!

    Hey, guys! Want updates on when Voting starts or ends? Or when Nominating for the 2nd Smackdown will begin? What about a 1-day deadline for voting or nominating? Well, you can! Just send me …

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    Thats right, Viacom is demanding the DirecTV charge 30% more to their customers for channels that have Viacom-related shows. It is possible that on July 11th, Viacom will suspend Nick and many other channels!

    This means that if you are a DirecTV customer, you may not be able to watch your favorite shows such as South Park, Jersey Shore, Ridiculousness, ICarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush, Legend Of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and hundreds of other shows! A list of channels and shows that will be suspended can be found here:

    DirecTV is working tirelessly to make sure this won't happen, but right now, Viacom will not accept anything less than the 30% mark-up.

    What do you think of this? Leave you…

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  • Sokka's Sword

    Do you have a favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra? Talk about them here! Be sure to include a few reasons. If you want you can list multiple chararcters here, too!

    My list is a list of my favorite characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra coombined!

    1. Lin Beifong (She is incredibly brave and smart, not to mention the greates fighter I've seen [besides Aang in the Avatar State])

    2. Sokka (isn't it obvious?! HE's the funniest comic relief character ever!!)

    3. Iroh I (He advice is just amazing, do I need to say anything else?)

    4. Zuko (He can be funny, especially when he immitates Iroh and Azula. And he is just plain amazing!)

    5. Iroh II (Iroh Man!! He is a great fighter, and he refrenc…

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