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Hello again Avatar wikians and here I'm going to be conducting my third interview and will be doing it today with Agent Slash. However, I will be interviewing not one, but two of his short stories: Venom and Rise of the Rhinos. The author of the Slash Trilogy has yet to write any chapters of either Fanon, so let's find out what we can expect. What we do know is that the two stories will apparently intertwine with each other, though will be separate in their own way. Now, let's get some insight on what awaits us with these two intriguing new Fanons.

1. Hey Slash, how are you doing?

I'm doing good, thanks.

Venom Questions

1) So you have decided to explore into the origins of the Red Lotus. What has made you want to write about them?

The Red Lotus is, like, the coolest group of bad guys EVER!!! I mean, they put all of the villain groups I've made for my fanons to shame. I can't remember the last time I ever saw a group if villains this cool before! And, yet, they didn't really develop them that much in the show. As much as I absolutely loved book 3 of The Legend of Korra, that was the only fault I found within the season. This frustrated me to the point where one day I just said, 'you know what? If Mike and Bryan aren't going to develop them any more, then I'll take it upon myself to write a back story for them'.

2) Can we expect to see more than just the characters from the show, will you be doing your own creations?

The story will mainly focus on characters from the show. The closest thing to an original creation is Xai Bau, since he was never seen at all in the show, so that lets me create a character for him.

4) It seems to only be a short story. How can you fit 30 years of information into just 6 chapters?

So far, it's been a challenge, but making this into a short story seems to be the best way to go. Plus, I already have another fanon I'm writing, so time-wise I just couldn't write two full-fledged stories.

5) Can we expect to see you focus on a different character in each chapter? If not, who will be the main character?

There will be certain points in the story where certain characters are focused on more than others, but the main character, overall, is Zaheer.

6) Last question for this short story. You stated that it is an "Origin" genre, but will we see some action in this Fanon or will it focus on Drama or Adventure story?

It'll have a little bit of everything from action to drama to romance.

Rise of the Rhinos Questions

Lets move onto your other short story now. The Rise of the Rhinos seems very intriguing and hasn't been explored much yet.

1) So why have you chosen to focus on the Rough Rhinos?

Because the Rough Rhinos have always fascinated me. Like the Red Lotus, they always seemed like this incredibly cool group of guys and Iroh himself called them legendary, but they never got any development! Every time we saw them (which was only twice), they only showed up for a few minutes and then failed. I've always felt like they should be given a story.

2) You mentioned this may have more than six chapters if it is popular and/or successful, does this mean we can expect to see this become a full on Saga?

If the first six chapters are successful, then there will be more to come in the future. I have a lot of ideas for the Rough Rhinos, but I'll only publish them if people are interested, since, again, it would take a lot of time to write a full-fledged story.

3) Judging by the chapter titles, they appear to focus on a different character. Why do you want to focus on each chapter separately.

Because we know nothing of any of them. I want to establish each character before they meet so that people can grow attached to them.

4) Will this go beyond 89AD, to explore them attacking Jet's village, as referenced in the anime?

If the series goes on past six chapters, then the first (and possibly only) book will take them all the way to the Siege of Ba Sing Se, so it's feasible that they could run into Jet between 89 AG and then.

5) My final question for this Fanon by itself. Will we get to see more memorable characters from the anime besides the Rough Rhinos?

Yes. The Royal Family will be shown in the first six chapters as well as the rest of the series as well as some new characters that I'm excited to write for.

Both Fanons Together

Now, let's explore how these two Fanons can be linked together

1) You stated they are going to link in some way. Will this be through the Rough Rhinos being members of the Red Lotus?

2) Will the Rough Rhinos play a hand in the Red Lotus forming? If so, will it be to do with an event in one of the chapters?

3) Will the members of the Red Lotus have to deal with something the Rough Rhinos did?

4) Will Xai Bau be an enemy of the Rough Rhinos?

1-4. What I meant by that is that they compliment each other in the sense that they're both short series about villainous groups that I am releasing at the same time, but who knows? There may very well be some kind of link between the two. I guess you'll have to read for yourself and find out.

Interesting, quite a very unique way to link them. I assumed they would be linked in some sort of story element, but it appears I was wrong.

5) My Final question for this interview. When can we expect the chapters to be released, and which will come first?

Soon. I'm working as fast as I can to get all of these chapters written. The first to be released will be Venom, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Well, there we have it guys. That's all the questions I have for Agent Slash right now. Thanks for allowing me to interview you on your two upcoming Fanons AgentSlash, and my apologies for being a day late. This is Snivystorm signing off ----

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