Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

Hey Avatar Wikians! This is my first ever official interview for the FFF and I'm proud to say it is with none other than the spectacular creator of "The Kyoshi Chronicles" - Kyoshidude. It is about the origins of the beloved earth Avatar, Kyoshi, and how she becomes the Avatar, stretching right across the world or "States" as her journey unfolds.

Let's get this interview on the move.

Okay let's first start briefly with book 1. Things get going rather quickly, starting with Kyoshi finding out she's the Avatar to getting involved in the Earth State war.

1) So my first question is this...Why did you choose to have Kyoshi be unable to bend at all at the start?

I suppose it was just for shock value. From going to no bending to Avatar State bending just seemed like it would be more of a surprise than going from earthbending to earthbending with glowing eyes (even though we already knew Kyoshi was going to find out she was the Avatar one way or another).

2) We meet several characters along the way, such as Bako, Momzen and many others. Who has been your favourite to write about so far?

Hmm...I'm not too sure. Each character has their own quirks that have been enjoyable to write. Sometimes when I'm writing for Kyoshi, it's great, other times it's hard. Momzen's comedy has been fun, and I like writing his flashbacks too. Eya, too, I like writ g her dialogue because it's so formal and based on spirituality so much.

3) Why did you choose for The Earth State to appear as the main enemy in book 1?

Well! Momzen's parents might not be dead. I only said they were captured... Anyway, I will answer your question with a question. Did you ever wonder how the Earth Kingsdom got so much bigger than the other nations? They're the bad guys because I'm just answering that question myself.

Your own personal Fanon on canon, nice!

4) Last on book one, why did you focus so much on character development over anything else despite a bit of action here and there?

Book one was all about Kyoshi trying to settle into the responsibility thrust upon her and figuring out what it all meant to her. Sure she was in hostile territory so there had to be some action, but I felt like going into the mind set of girl who had trusted the Earth State all her life, only to find out it was all a lie needed more character development than action. Plus action is a b*tch to write...

Yeah I've realised hat lately with my Fanon. Oh well.

Moving swiftly onto book 2. You have only released a few, yet compelling, chapters so far in book 2, you have stated that Kyoshi's looking for a firebending teacher.

5) My first question for book 2 is this. Why didn't you choose Momzen to teach her, like how Zuko did for Aang?

Nice question. You will just have to wait and see what happens... But I will give you this. This is a traditional era - I guess bending prodigies are expected to train from a master an only from a master. Besides, Zuko was a last resort because nobody in the Fire Nation would teach Aang.

There was Jeong Jeong though...

6) Anyway. You have had the characters resent Eya in chapter two, specifically Kyoshi, is this to show that she will be the difficult one to have on the team?

Not entirely, I suppose it was to emphasise that Earth and Air are polar opposites, hinting towards e fact that Kyoshi will have troubles with airbending in the future.

7) We have yet to see anything on the Water State, will they be in future chapters, or will they be taking a back seat so we can learn more about the Air and Fire States?

Book 2 is Fire, book 3 is Air, book 4 is Water and Book 5 is The End. So the Water State will come into play eventually but we've got a while to go until we see any ice cities.

8) Back to Eya. Will we see Eya connect with the other characters as the story goes on, besides Kyoshi?

A bit with Bako in this book. In the next (Air) she will definitely come to the foreground of the storyline, but in book 2 she's got her own little spiritual subplot going on.

9) Why do you refer as the new team Avatar (well old, if that makes sense) as the "Kyds", what made you decide on such a name?

Well Gaang was a play on words of "gang". Kyds is just a play on the word "kids". It just makes it easier for me to refer to them as that, instead of listing all the people in the my chapter summaries.

10) Poor Eya isn't on the picture on the home page, I know that is for book one, but shouldn't you have a new picture or is this to imply something big is going to occur in the future, or am I just thinking too deeply?

I absolutely LOVE that picture! It was done by the amazing Kugumi - who, unfortunately, is no longer doing illustrations for the Fanon portal. I had hoped to get one for each book...but...oh well.

11) Will we be seeing more of Astrid and Mitinari, or are you going to allow some new villains to come to the stage?

Astrid yes, and Naote will get some development too. Mitinari I don't think has ever said a word and I haven't planned for him to speak ever (unless the time comes and it's 101% necessary to the plot). He's just meant to be silent and creepy. But Book 2 will see the appearance of some extra (major) villains.

Hmm. Look forward to it

12) Will Garuku make another appearance or will you focus more on Momzen's family this time around over Kyoshi?

In the last book he will, but I suppose anything's up to change - he could always come back if Kyoshi really needed some family time. But yeah, Momzen's family will be the family in focus this cook and I'm really hoping that tears will be shed by my readers' eyes.

13) Ajagara...A Dragon!!! Why have you implemented a dragon into this story? (Besides the fact that DRAGONS are the COOLEST)

AH, DRAGONS! I'm excited too! Correct me if in wrong but the dragon was killed by Uncle Iroh?

Nope. He only said that to protect them

This is set way before Iroh so whatddaya know, DRAGONS EVERYWHERE!. Ajagara, he's got some importance.

14) This question is for your Fans and Lurkers. You released a preview of chapter 4. I read the preview and the question I ask is this - When are you going to give us the full chapter? I and many others are dying to read on, after all they are finally at the Fire State!

Ugh. I want to release it so badly! I want to say by the end of the month but probably not... I'm going to say mid-July. The release of Korra Book 3 will inspire me to take back to the keyboard. Either way, you should be excited because Chapter 4 is going to change the course of everything.

15) 'My final parting question. I feel compelled to ask, but I must know. Why did you choose me to interview you? Not that I didn't want to be asked but, I'm a new member, so why me when I'm inexperienced?

Hey, you got accepted into the FFF for a reason, so I had no doubts that your skills as an interviewer would be excellent.


They are, and you questions are just fabulous!

Why thank you. Please don't fuel my ego though ;).

16) Next to last question here. You killed off Chang in book 1. Will this have an effect on the characters as we get further into book 2?

I don't think so. Chang's death was more to streamline the events of Omashu; to raise the stakes and make it seem like the Earth State was an actual threat.

17) What inspired you to write this Fanon, what made you want to go out and share your ideas with the world of Avatar?

Hmm. I love to write; that's about it. To tell you the truth I want really into the idea of a Fanon about Kyoshi, but as I got into it and started mapping out the characters arcs and plot events I fell in love. I really don't want this Fanon to become discontinued because I have become so attacked to Kyoshi and Bako, Torri and Astrid: everyone. They all deserve an ending, I'm determined to get there someday. Other than that, the community here in the Fanon portal is what makes me want to release chapters. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging, there's no other way to thank them what they want - some words on a screen.

Thank you so much for such a great interview...

Hey no problem, it has been a real pleasure

But I've got three questions for you.

Excuse me, questions?

18) Up to now, who is your favourite character?

19) For you, what chapter stands put amongst the rest?

20) And finally, what do you want to see happen in Book 2? Because I'm entirely open to ideas. Thanks Snivystorm!

Wow, you want my opinion? Okay, this could be fun.

18) Hmmm. I think my favourite character so far has to be either Momzen or Eya. When I first read the scene with him and Kyoshi in the cell, I liked him straight away, just that hint of comedy (I've always loved the comic relief or comedic characters). Eya is just a joy to read, I have always liked airbenders. Pacifism -the belief that all disputes can be settled by peaceful mean!

19) I'm not too sure. They are all wonderfully written chapters. I don't know! I liked the one with the sandbenders, the opening chapter, Omashu chapters, the first of book 2. I'm not sure. I'm going to go with Momzen's first chapter, chapter two I think it was. Such a fantastic introduction for him.

20) I definitely want to see development with Momzen and Eya. Maybe perhaps have a conflict with the group, separating them? But this isn't my story, it is yours! Don't let me dictate what you need to write. Though please give us more firebending!

And there we go. That's all the questions I have to ask Kyoshidude for today and all the ones he has for me. I hope you will give his Fanontastic fanon a read, it is one to certainly look over where ever you are in the world. Once again, thank you to Kyoshidude for giving me several splendid hours of reading his remarkable Fanon, and hopefully the same to all of you readers out there!

This is Snivystorm signing off ---

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