Hey everyone, it's Fanon Fact Finder member Snivystorm here to announce the, sadly, long overdue results of the FFF applications. ^_^

We had three hopeful wikians apply with their stellar efforts. These were Duke of Skibbington, Katherine Rebekah and Tono555. Despite earning a place in the FFF, Katherine has sadly turned the position down. I hope you'll all wish her luck as she deals with her other commitments.

So the winners therefore are, you guessed it, Duke of Skibbington and Tono555! These two are now your newest members to the FFF and I'm sure you'll be glad to be interviewed by either one of them. So to the both of them, they can now proudly say they're a member of the FFF and add this unique user box to their page:

This user is a member of the Fanon Fact Finders.

Regarding other news, due to the inactivity of FFF member ATLALOK, I'm sorry to say that she won't be able to accept anymore requests for the foreseeable future. She will still be a member of the group for now in case she, hopefully, returns soon. If she does not, there may be another chance to apply but we will have to see if three members is enough to meet demands for now.

So there we have it folks! Get signing up for your interviews today. Just go onto the FFF page and sign up with one of the Fanon Fact Finders!

I'll see you all with my fellow Fact Finders soon! This is Snivystorm signing off ---

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