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Hey Avatar Wikians! This is Fanon Fact Finder Snivystorm here with the one and only Fanon portal writer, AvatarRokusGhost. Well known for his Fanon series Avatar: Energy Saga, today he's asked me to interview a collection of his one shots ARG Presents. This collection of one shots is filled with ARG's work, stretching back all the way to 2011! Without further ado, let's start the interview!

Hey ARG. First of all, how are you? Sorry for the extreme delay. D:

I’m doing pretty good thanks. No worries, I’m actually fairly behind on my FRS reviews at the moment as well, which is something that I hope to rectify in the coming weeks, though I also anticipate I’ll have a ton of my free time remain occupied by NaNoWriMo, as it’s been for the past couple days already.

Lets kick things off with The Legend of Ong and The Legend of Ong 2

1) Why did you write The Legend of Oong as a comedy?

I wrote The Legend of Ong as a parody to make fun of the shipping wars that are prominent within the ATLA fanon. My vision for it was to use the characters from ATLA (and also characters from my story Energy Saga at the time) and put them into the place of fans, shipping characters in something that is like a fictional version of Avatar for them.

2)What inspired you to have the idea of a character believing they were trapped in a video game?

Actually, the idea to do that came to me when I was browsing on lolbender and found a screenshot from the very beginning of the first season, when Katara and Aang are going inside the abandoned Fire Navy ship. They were given spoken lines as though they were in an RPG and going through a dungeon. I took that idea and ran with it in a new setting.

3)You've only released two parts for this fanon so far. Do you think we will see a continuation of these one shots?

The next one is The Legend of Morra, which might as well be called The Legend of Ong 3, except it took the parody in a new direction (TLO=ATLA, TLM=TLOK) and takes place a few years or so after the end of Energy Saga, pretty much all with OCs from that story. I don’t have plans to write a fourth, though I might if the right idea ever comes along.

4)Let's move on now to The Consultant. Why did you have The Consultant focus mostly on just Aang; why just the Avatar alone?

Well, it’s interesting that you say that, because my goal in writing The Consultant was to include all the characters in Team Avatar at the time that the story was set, which was the second season just after Toph joined the crew. I wanted to draw not just Aang, but Toph, Katara, Sokka and (albeit off-screen) Azula into it. If I subconsciously included Aang about more, I guess it was just because he was the Avatar and sort of at the head of the group.

5)On to your Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes one shot, you wrote this for a contest, why did you want to enter it in to a contest?

Well, I don’t always write something for the contests, but if I come up with an idea when one comes around, I typically take it and run with it. That’s mostly the way I approach writing in general actually. My ideas come from imagination and from inspiration from all sorts of random places. I try never to force an idea out, but for a short-entry contest of 500 words, I thought of scribbling down and organizing some of my own thoughts on Ratana, the protagonist of my fanon Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes.

6)For those of us who haven't read DSV, though I'm sure many have, can you give us a spoiler free reason why you chose to do the one shot in the DSV universe?

At the time it had been nearly three months since I had released a chapter of DSV and I felt like it was time to throw something out there, both to get myself back into the mood of writing for DSV and also to let the readers know I’m still around.

7)Lets move on to Life as I Know It. Why is the main character so mysterious, by having no name?

That was actually from another fanon writing blog, written by Theavatardemotivator. The narrator/protagonist is supposed to be based on yourself, so in Life As I Know It he was based on me, or how I was in high school, and the two friends are based on a pair of my real life buddies as well.

8)Which of you one shots is your personal favourite and, like wise, which is your least favourite?

For my favorite, I’m going to go with The Legend of Morra, probably because I had the most fun writing it out. I got the idea not long after the finale, over the Christmas holidays. I had wanted to write a third installment of The Legend of Ong for a while, but I had no idea what to do. There was a lot of commotion, and yes, also drama, following the finale of The Legend of Korra, and I really wanted to write something surrounding that. So I did just that, and had each character “represent” a different part of the fan base. I liked writing the rest of them, too. If I had to pick a least favorite, I’d say Life As I Know it. I was relatively new to writing back in 2011 and looking back on it I don’t consider it my best work. Perhaps The Consultant wasn’t either, but that one I had a lot more fun writing. If I get time, I may do a revised version of that and try to make the writing better quality. Consultant 2.0 or something of the sort.

9)Moving on to your one shots Live Another Day, which tied for third place in Minnichi's wiring contest as well as your The Brothers of Jang Hui one shot, which also got third in another contest. What do you feel attributed to the success of these one shots in particular?

I had good inspiration for those and had a great time writing both of them. Also, I edited both of them substantially before putting them out there, because I wanted to enter what I felt was the best work that I could write for those contests at the time. I’m happy that others like them as well. As for why they were chosen in particular for third for each of those blogs, I think the judges of those contests can answer that question better. Honestly, I found a lot of good entries in both those contests that I liked. I’m happy that others liked mine, too, after the work I put into them.

10)The whole time I thought this battle was between a truly hostile opponent only to turn out to be his grandson. I certainly enjoyed this little plot twist as well as how...real it felt. Why did you choose to add this twist on instead of say leaving the attacker a mystery or as someone more dangerous?

Kaddo, who’s a grandson of Hakoda, is one my OCs and he has a fairly strong personality. My given prompt was to have Hakoda battle a waterbender, so this idea seemed a good fit for it. I thought that having a mysterious attacker turn out to be Kaddo at the end would be an amusing twist to work with, after so much serious-sounding action writing leading up to it.

11)Focussing on "Jung Wai" Dock has schizophrenia to cope with the loss of his brothers. This is actually quite powerful, what inspired you to make the reason for his condition so moving and meaningful, and not just a joke? It really adds unforeseen depth to his character!

Heh. Well, I’ve written multiple comedic one-shots before, as you saw in some of the other stories of ARG Presents. For a while, I’d also wanted to write something that has a deceptive tone to it, and to see if I could execute such a story correctly. So I started it kind of light-hearted and humorous, but included a darker twist toward the end.

12)Why did you desire to explore Docks character in this kind of detail?

Well, the general Jang Hui theme kind of went the opposite of DSV. Originally, I was going to write a shorter story about Prince Lu Ten and my OC Ratana and now I’m writing a story which is going to be close to, if not more than two hundred chapters by the time I’m done. By contrast, I was going to write a shorter series after Energy Saga, focused on the village, with Dock as a central character and showing some of the lives of “normal” individuals within the Avatar universe. Dock would talk of his brothers as though they were different people, but of course all the other characters knew the truth. I eventually scrapped that idea, but what was left of it led me to write Brothers of Jang Hui when Typhoonmaster’s contest rolled around.

13)I noticed you had fellow Finder ATLALOK interview you about your one shots as well. Eager to get them noticed? ;)

I’m only human. I love to write and I love to talk about my writing :P

14)A few of your one shots focus on the idea of 'shipping'. Is this your way of exploring the idea of romance but in concisely?

I’d say it’s more of my way of exploring how we treat romance than romance itself. I haven’t written very much of the latter in the past, and yet I’m writing DSV, which centers around a romance. I like to try new things and I also like to challenge myself. Or sometimes stick with what I know and play it relatively safe. Whatever I’m in the mood for, for the most part.

15)When will we see you release the one shots like the "Lion Turtle"? I have a strong feeling those would be a superb read!

Ah, The Lion Turtle! Well, I got that idea back in mid-2013, a long time ago, but after the second season of Korra came out I felt like tweaking it in order to reconcile it with the new information on lion turtles and the early benders. I’d like to release it at some point while I’m still around the wiki. Hopefully sometime soon, but no real news on that front.

I certainly look forward to it. Let's get on to the last few questions.

16)I noticed a few of them were made for writing contests. Do you value entering the contest, or is it something of coincidence with completing the chapter and it so happens a contest is occurring?

Some were for writing contests, mostly for the fact that inspiration was striking at the same time. That doesn’t happen every contest, but if it does for one, it’s a good motivator to finish before the deadline is up.

17)Which was the most challenging to write?

My favorite to write was The Legend of Morra, for the reasons I gave before. I liked writing them all at the time I wrote one, but I would say The Brothers of Jiang Hui was the most challenging, maybe because I had to work within the wordcount and had to cut down some stuff and decide what to include and move the story along at just the right pace at the same time.

18)Looking back, are you proud of your earlier works (all the way back to 2011!) and can you see any noticeable improvement yourself?

I can. I think my writing includes more description and forethought than it did at the time. I wasn’t much of a regular writer before 2011, so these are throughout my “writing journey” pretty much. I like to think I’ve improved a significant amount. I’d like to see if I can make my writing more immersing in the future.

I'm sure you will ARG! Let's wrap things up with one final question.

19)Anything you're dying to say about your spectacular one shots before we sign off?

I enjoyed writing them all mostly because I was writing them for myself and not to satisfy anybody else in particular. Stay tuned for more chapters of Book 2. I’ve been pretty busy lately for all kinds of reasons, but I hope to release a bunch by the end of the year nonetheless.

I and I'm sure many others are looking forward to it!

If I may...


I have just one question for you before you finish up.

Oh a question? I don't mind. Sure, ask away!

Did you think any of the seven were better than the rest, if you don’t mind my asking?

I certainly don't hehe. 8) Hmm, that's a tricky one, they are all such good one shots.

I think the Brothers of Jang Hui is my personal favourite. I've never see no character (or maybe characters) explored in such a thought provoking way. I never saw him as be schizophrenic but actually as just messing with the characters. Your one shot has changed my view of the man completely allowing me to better understand the possible seriousness of his condition. That is why I feel this pen shot stands above the rest.

There we are everyone. I hope you will all check out ARG's collections of one shot, which have something for everyone. This is Snivystorm signing off ---

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