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    Hey Avatar Wikians! This is Fanon Fact Finder here with the one and only Fanon portal writer, AvatarRokusGhost. Well known for his Fanon series , today he's asked me to interview a collection of his one shots . This collection of one shots is filled with ARG's work, stretching back all the way to 2011! Without further ado, let's start the interview!

    Hey ARG. First of all, how are you? Sorry for the extreme delay. D:

    I’m doing pretty good thanks. No worries, I’m actually fairly behind on my FRS reviews at the moment as well, which is something that I hope to rectify in the coming weeks, though I also anticipate I’ll have a ton of my free time remain occupied by NaNoWriMo, as it’s been for the past couple days already.

    Lets kick things off wi…

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    FFF - Results

    October 29, 2015 by Snivystorm

    Hey everyone, it's Fanon Fact Finder member here to announce the, sadly, long overdue results of the FFF applications. ^_^

    We had three hopeful wikians apply with their stellar efforts. These were , and . Despite earning a place in the FFF, Katherine has sadly turned the position down. I hope you'll all wish her luck as she deals with her other commitments.

    So the winners therefore are, you guessed it, Duke of Skibbington and Tono555! These two are now your newest members to the FFF and I'm sure you'll be glad to be interviewed by either one of them. So to the both of them, they can now proudly say they're a member of the FFF and add this unique user box to their page:

    Regarding other news, due to the inactivity of FFF member , I'm sorry to …

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    Hey Avatar Wikians! It's me, Snivystorm, here with to interview him about his Fanon, . Neo Revolution is about two waterbenders being born shortly after the death of Avatar Lyn and being abandoned at an orphanage. Years later, they learn from Mother Leliita that one of them are the Avatar. The duo, along with lifelong friend Erik, journey the land in search of "Haven" supposedly a paradise, meeting others along the way in a quest to restore balance to the world and to find out just who the Avatar actually is. This fanon certainly kept me guessing; I'm still not sure now!

    Now, let's start this interview!

    Hey Jtwin1, how are you? Enjoy Halloween?

    I'm good thanks. A bit busy with Uni finishing but keeping my head on. Halloween isn't a big thing…

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    Hello again Avatar wikians and here I'm going to be conducting my third interview and will be doing it today with . However, I will be interviewing not one, but two of his short stories: and . The author of the Slash Trilogy has yet to write any chapters of either Fanon, so let's find out what we can expect. What we do know is that the two stories will apparently intertwine with each other, though will be separate in their own way. Now, let's get some insight on what awaits us with these two intriguing new Fanons.

    1. Hey Slash, how are you doing?

    I'm doing good, thanks.

    1) So you have decided to explore into the origins of the Red Lotus. What has made you want to write about them?

    The Red Lotus is, like, the coolest group of bad guys EVER!!! I mea…

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    Hello fellow Avatar Wikians. Today after a sadly long while since my last interview, I am back and here today with the Fanon writer to talk about his Fanon -'. This one was quite an interesting approach on how to improve the movie that shall not be named and an original way to write his Fanon. Let's get this interview on the move.

    1) Hey TackTheCobbler, how are you doing?

    I'm doing fine. School just started.

    Aww, school? Hope it isn't as bad as my year is going to be. Anyway, let's talk about your Fanon.

    2) Here's my first question: Why have you decided to write this Fanon, what made you want to write it?

    Well, well, where to begin... I've loved Avatar since it first aired. It was one of my first shows that I really did love for more than its hu…

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