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First Annual IRC Wiki Awards Show, part 2

Snip101 October 23, 2012 User blog:Snip101

As I said in the earlier blog post the details will be announced at a later date. Well,... This is a later date. You've already saw the personalized userboxes but you never was informed on voting. I will make a blog page dedicated towards voting. There will be headings for categories and you just put up who or what you want nominated as a sub-heading. (Please try to make the sub-heading a link). Lastly, for those who want to second, third, etc. the nomination, just put a Support Support — sign under it. (Always put your signature next to you vote). Got it? So let's say you want to nominate a fanon, this is what you do:

Best Comedy

The Necklace Heist

Support Support — author of Love in a Parallel Universe


  • You may only vote once per category
  • Must have been a member for 10 days
  • Must have 200 edits
  • You can only nominate up to three fanons or people or blogs, in any combination but not three times per category
  • No nomininating yourself
  • A user may have numerous nominations in one category and if they all make it, they will all go on to the final round
  • The blog or fanon must have at least one article made during or after December 2011
  • All nominations and votes must have a signature next to them, if there's one without a signature, it will be deleted

Well, when the nomination page comes out, you may commence the voting for nomination. I cannot stress this enough, this is not the final round of voting.

Distinction between less-known and popular fanons:

To fit under the popular fanon or blog division, you must have either:

  • fanon-bending status (or in ARG's case, fanon-bending master status)


  • has had a fanon award


  • has at least 2 ratings from Fanon Review Squad at or above 7.4


  • has 13 subscribers or more

To fit under the lesser-known fanon or blog division, you must have either:

  • nonfanon-bending status (unless you have a fanon award, 2 ratings from the Fanon Review Squad, or 13 subscribers or more)


  • no fanon award


  • ratings from the Fanon Review Squad under 5.0


  • terrible comments on main page or chapters

Well, that's it for this blog post. And also, if you want to co-host this awards show with me, contact me on my message wall. Don't worry, you'll get a userbox, too.

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