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First Annual Avatar Wiki Awards Show

Snip101 October 22, 2012 User blog:Snip101

Greetings fellow Avatar wikians to my announcement of an upcoming event. I will be hosting the first IRC award show this wiki's had. The award categories will consist of categories for less-known fanon, popular, fanon, people, and blogs. Winners will also get this userbox.

" " is a winner of an Avatar Award

Some of the less-known and popular fanon categories are:

  • Best Comedy
  • Best Comedy Writer
  • Best Drama
  • Best Drama Writer
  • Best Action Fanon
  • Best Action Writer
  • Most Creative Idea
  • Best Editor
  • Best Illustrator
  • Outstanding Author

Some of the categories for people are:

  • Best Reviewer
  • Best Interviewer
  • Best Colomn Writer for BSST
  • Best Column Writer for WLS
  • Best Admin

Some of the categories for blogs are:

  • Best Blog Series
  • Best Blog Article
  • Best Blog Writer

The rules and regulations of voting and nominating will be announced at a later date . The award show will be held on an IRC channel that only i know (ooh, secretive ain't it). Good luck to all of those who are nominated! Also, if you'd like to co-host, contact me through my message wall.

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