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Hello this is Snip101 here, interviewing Master Ratava on his fanon, Avatar: The First Skybender! Let's jump right into the questions.

1. Who or what gave you that drive to write fanon?

I started writing fanon back in 2000/2001 (Harry Potter), then after a long winter I decided not to write fanon anymore... Since the beginning of this year I've been developing ATFS. I actually started to write it because I wasn't so earn to do it on my own projects... And to practice my English... I'm not a native, so... I thought it would be the best way to try it out.

2. What was the inspiration that caused this intriuging fanon?

Back in 2009 I had the first glimpse of the idea that became ATFS, and I'm obsessed with flying lands, inexplicable ways to make mountains and whole continents float high above clouds... Adding to this I thought of the bagua trigram of "Sky/Heaven", and voilà the first step was taken...

3. Please tell me the pros and cons of writing a post A:tLA fanon for our aspiring fanon writers reading.

ATFS is indeed a post ATLA, but it is also a post LoK... As any fanon that takes place out of the normal current time (nor ATLA not even LoK) the biggest cons are that we cannot use any of the famous characters. But that's also a pro, because we are not judged by our writing skills to get the characters in character. So we are free to create everyone that we're gonna use. Since I'm a "canon fanon", I mean I try to write and sound as if what I'm telling is canon even if it is totally fanon made; I don't want to go against canon ideas (as shippers and events; characters that shall be dead, stay dead). However the major con I'm struggling is that ATFS is a post Korra fanon, and since the series isn't finished... Many things might get in the way...

4. Can you explain to me what differentiates rain waterbending from, well, waterbending in general?

Well, there's not much differences... But since rain is a water climate phenomena, just as bending the snow and ice, the "rainbending" comes in handy to depict a waterbender specialized in that, rain. Making, stopping, preventing... A bit of "cloudbending" skills are needed too...

5. What are the abilities of a Skybender?

I'm still working on that. Sorry, the few abilities shall remain a mystery until I get them organized.

6. From this first chapter, our narrator talks about family secrets. Are there more in store for us readers?

Koori's family is full of secrets, all of them have their skeletons kept inside locked closets.

7. Koori's certain traits from his bloodline, his hair, his comedic-inclination... But where did the adventurous gene come from?

As I said above, I must say that Koori is from a very large family tree. Probably the adventurous gene comes from his father's maternal grandmother.

8. In chapter two there's a mention of an assassin's guild, will we be seeing more of this group? If so, can you give me some information on them?

Yes, one of these groups is the Blackbirds, they're mentioned on the prologue too. But there are others. Not just assassins, I dare say.

9. When you write about the Ignieus, it seems as though the Skybenders think highly of that person. Who would the Skybenders value more, the Avatar (if the Avatar's whereabouts were known) or the Ignieus and why?

The Skybenders value the Igneus more. Because they've been "kept away" from the avatar circle since the beginning. The Avatar is a hurtful story for the Skybenders.

10. The flora mentioned in Flying Cloud Odin, did you make those names up or are those on the wiki's encyclopedia?

I came up with: Jasmine-Lynxes, Cheetah-Orchids, Rose-Panthers, Sabre-Tooth-Peonies, Snow-Dandelions and Fiery-Poppies; but Tiger-Lilies are canon.

11. In the third chapter the narrator talks about Grandma's cotton candy on Avatar Day. In A:tLA, Avatar Day was celebrated in Chin Village, not in places across the globe. Is it right to assume Avatar Day has become a somewhat international holiday?

Yes, readers can assume that. In this case the Avatar Day is an evolution of the canon event; spread worldwide.

12. Also, the narrator speaks of her grandma in a positive way. I honestly don't think that any author can write about a character's love for another character with that much depth without loving someone in their own life that much. So what I'm trying to get at is, if you were the narrator, who would be that person you love so much to be grandma?

As you say, writers often base their characters on their lives experiences. My paternal grandmother passed away last 29th November (soon it'll be a year). Unfortunately I wasn't so close to her, and I must say that the love energy on the words are not quite only about my relationship with her. It's been a year that my ex got rid of me, so it kind of adds a bit...

13. My final question is this. This girl's whole family (excluding her grandma) hates her. Her negative thoughts you wrote down came from somewhere in your mind and I feel like these thoughts are mutual between you and her. Did you ever used to think like her? Is that how this writing seems so... so real? Many of Mei's words could've been my own. In a different time, in a whole another situation. Her feeling of lost, and not-belonging, her will to get away, her attachment to some family members... All of this is/was found in me. When you say that the writing seems real, it is because it's real, but it's adapted. And relocated in time. At this moment I am a different person than the one that felt those feelings; the sensations changed me into who I am now. And are still changing.

Thank you for letting me interview you and good luck on this fanon.

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