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The fanon series Avatar: Mistakes is a pretty original story written by the user Godsrule. It spans to 12 books and 120 chapters covering the mistakes and effects of Avatars Kyoshi and Avatar Roku on Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra. The readers will read over 400 years of history retold by a great author.

Well hi, Godsrule! This is your amateur interviewer for this short time. Out of all the fanon I've read in these two months (which is saying a lot), I think the main idea here is one of the best yet. Anyways, I have a few questions for you.

What made you start writing fanon?

One word, ARG. If you have read Bending Explained then you will see my tributes. I started reading Energy Saga and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He indirectly inspired me to write it.

Why did you decide to start writing this fanon?

I always saw the parallels in between them and, well decided to write it

What is the main idea of Kyoshi’s story?

Kyoshi, grows up not being able to earth bend early, and thus has always been last in her classes. So she isn't that keen on learning bending. But through time, she starts enjoying it, now that she has her fans

Where did you get the idea to write about four avatars and not one?

I actually took inspiration for Agent Slash on this one. He has four fanons all existing in the same world. I used that idea in my own way.

Do you have most of Kyoshi's story planned out?

Nope, well other than the basic plot of each of the books. But it's a secret.

How long do you plan and write each chapter?

I don't actually plan them out, I just write and the ideas come to me as I write.

Why will there be 120 chapters? I guess you're fond of the less is more idea.

I don't want want to have to face post-fanon depression.

Not much is known about Kyoshi so where did you get her personality from, besides Avatar: The Last Airbender?

The Kyoshi Chronicles. I got a lot of ideas from Kyoshidude.

Where are some of the key places Kyoshi will go on her most-likely miraculous adventure?

I don't know actually. But I'll figure that out, but expect some Kyoshi Island awesomeness.

When I read this I realized there were a lot of similarities to A:tLA, is that on purpose?

No, but I do like A:TLA.

Do you have a lot of characters you made up, or are you going to use people from the series.

Roku and Kyoshi will have the most OC. Aang and Korra will include some adapted info, but look out for some fresh info.

Are there some characters that you base off of people on the wiki or in your own life?

Well I don't have that many OC, so I can't answer that.

Who do you think will like this fanon the most?

I think somebody who likes adventure will like this.

Thanks for letting me interview you and good luck on your future endeavors in fanon!

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