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    Pro-Bending Tournaments

    November 23, 2012 by Snip101

    Hello there my fellow wikians! There's something in the Legend of Korra that I belive isn't higlighted enough. Pro-bending. It's one of the coolest sports on the Avatar world and I believe that we should do more with it.

    I'm creating an Avatar Pro-bending Tournament. What you do is comment a firebender, waterbender, and earthbender to create your team. Specify the name of the members, genders and the team's name. Me and my team of writers will create a blog weekly of two teams that we think has the most interesting name and members.

    Well, let the games begin!

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  • Snip101

    Hello this is Snip101 here, interviewing Master Ratava on his fanon, ! Let's jump right into the questions.

    1. Who or what gave you that drive to write fanon?

    I started writing fanon back in 2000/2001 (Harry Potter), then after a long winter I decided not to write fanon anymore... Since the beginning of this year I've been developing ATFS. I actually started to write it because I wasn't so earn to do it on my own projects... And to practice my English... I'm not a native, so... I thought it would be the best way to try it out.

    2. What was the inspiration that caused this intriuging fanon?

    Back in 2009 I had the first glimpse of the idea that became ATFS, and I'm obsessed with flying lands, inexplicable ways to make mountains and whole continent…

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  • Snip101

    As I said in the earlier blog post the details will be announced at a later date. Well,... This is a later date. You've already saw the personalized userboxes but you never was informed on voting. I will make a blog page dedicated towards voting. There will be headings for categories and you just put up who or what you want nominated as a sub-heading. (Please try to make the sub-heading a link). Lastly, for those who want to second, third, etc. the nomination, just put a sign under it. (Always put your signature next to you vote). Got it? So let's say you want to nominate a fanon, this is what you do: author of


    • You may only vote once per category
    • NO SOCK…

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  • Snip101

    Greetings fellow Avatar wikians to my announcement of an upcoming event. I will be hosting the first IRC award show this wiki's had. The award categories will consist of categories for less-known fanon, popular, fanon, people, and blogs. Winners will also get this userbox.

    Some of the less-known and popular fanon categories are:

    • Best Comedy
    • Best Comedy Writer
    • Best Drama
    • Best Drama Writer
    • Best Action Fanon
    • Best Action Writer
    • Most Creative Idea
    • Best Editor
    • Best Illustrator
    • Outstanding Author

    Some of the categories for people are:

    • Best Reviewer
    • Best Interviewer
    • Best Colomn Writer for BSST
    • Best Column Writer for WLS
    • Best Admin

    Some of the categories for blogs are:

    • Best Blog Series
    • Best Blog Article
    • Best Blog Writer

    The rules and regulations of voting and nominating wi…

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  • Snip101

    The fanon series Avatar: Mistakes is a pretty original story written by the user Godsrule. It spans to 12 books and 120 chapters covering the mistakes and effects of Avatars Kyoshi and Avatar Roku on Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra. The readers will read over 400 years of history retold by a great author.

    Well hi, Godsrule! This is your amateur interviewer for this short time. Out of all the fanon I've read in these two months (which is saying a lot), I think the main idea here is one of the best yet. Anyways, I have a few questions for you.

    What made you start writing fanon?

    One word, ARG. If you have read then you will see my tributes. I started reading and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He indirectly inspired me to write it.

    Why did you decide to …

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