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Avatar: The Next Generation - Chapter 1: Black Ice

"Tara, your father would like to see you."

"Tell him I'm busy!"

"He says it's urgent."


Tara swung her legs over the side of her bed. He straightened up and looked at the poster on her wall. It featured a picture of the famous Waterbender, Katara. Tara had looked up to Katara her whole life, and she had even been named after her. A quick knock on her bedchamber door alerted her, and she slid out the door to see her favourite maid, Lai. Tara followed Lai to her father's throne room. Her father was the Southern Water Emperor, ruler of the Southern Water Tribes. He sat on a large extravagant throne made entirely of ice, and his blue robes billowed in the cold winds. Lai bowed quickly and hurried off.

"Katara Chi Wong," said the Emperor.

"Dad," said Tara.

"Katara," continued the Emperor, "The

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