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Tarrlok-Psychobabble 101

As I've stated in another post, I'm in my senior year at high school and taking an honors class in Psychology/Sociology. One of the projects given at the beginning of the year or so I've heard from those who have taken the class before, is that I will need to hand in a detailed analysis of a fictional character. Enter Tarrlok. Really. I'm going to try to get into his head (even though I can't actually interview him) to see what brought him to the decision to take his and his brother's life.

I'm going to use this blog as a sounding board. I won't actually be uploading any of the materials going into the report--copyrights and all that kind of legal stuff. You understand.

You may wonder at why I'm beginning so early. So, I have to explain that I have a horrible tendency to put off things I don't like to do. If procrastination is ever something I can get paid to do, I'll have one of the highest paid positions for the job. Now, since I don't like the process of picking someone's brain apart and giving a fancy-schmancy name to the boneheaded reasons we screw up our lives, and given my propensities to procrastinate, I'm beginning now and will add to the materials and insights as I get more information and feedback.

Here we go.

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