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  • I live in Mid-Western United States
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Sudent and Political Activist
  • I am Male
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    The New Fire Nation

    April 23, 2012 by Smiddy Jones

    New Fire Nation est. 4/22/12

    Fire Lord: Ty-Lee Haku

    Fire Lady: TBA [first name] Haku

    Prince: TBA [first name] Haku

    Princess: Mai Lee Haku

    Princess: Mira

    High General: TBA

    General of the Army: TBA

    Major General of the Army: TBA

    Lieutenant General of the Army: TBA

    High Priest(ess) of the Fire Nation: Mai Lee Haku

    Fire Sage of the State: TBA

    Fire Sage Council: TBA

    Any one saids they're apart of the "New Fire Nation", and not listed in a blog title New Fire Nation Postions, is lying.

    The New Fire Nation is a Role Playing Game. Where each role from, Fire Lord to Fire Sage Council, will be explain one by one.

    * Fire Lord- The Fire Lord has the final say so in all matters, both in religious and military matters.

    * Fire Lady- The Queen is a merely a ceremonial figure…

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  • Smiddy Jones

    Since the original series debut on February 21, 2005, I've wondered, I've pondered... what kind of bender would I be?

    Since I was a little kid and Aang was my favorite, and the thought of being the only Air bender greatly appealed to me. I thought, who wouldn't want fly around and do air bending moves? Then gradualy as the Earth benders came into the show I thought, you know, earth bending would be cool.

    Fighting an Air bender? No problem, make a wall of earth. Fighting a fire bender? Make a wall of earth. Thought it would be cool to be a earth bender because I could go underground by making tunnels. I could make a house if I wanted too.

    I also liked the possibility of being a Earth bender because over the past year the vision in my right eye…

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  • Smiddy Jones

    Avatar, is it failing? Sure seems like it, to me it does. When the first episode of Avatar: The last Airbender, The Boy in the Iceberg, aired on February 21, 2005 I was thrilled. I was waiting, watching for a week ( the first preview I had seen was a week before it first air ) I was excited, I am was like " There has been nothing like this before, It going to be sooo cool!! ". Then before I knew it February 21 was knocking on my door to say, "Hey, remember? Avatar comes on in a couple of minutes!! I was so gay ( happy )!!" I was not disappointed one bit!! Then, the episode ended, I was like, "Wow.. this will be incredible!!" Then the next episode came on, The Avatar Returns, in which Aang discovered Monk Gyatso body and triggered into the …

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