Amon and his Equalists

Amon & The Equalists

Amon is the central antagonist in The Legend of Korra, and is the leader of the anti-bending group known as the Equalists who aim to rid the world of benders.

I've placed the references for my theory below the theory itself. I hope you enjoy the read, and as always please leave your responses and opinions in a comment below. I'll try to read as many as possible. :)


At the ending of the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang was attacked with a bolt of lighting from Azula. After being attacked, we see Aang's Avatar Spirit fall from the plane of existence and Aang is essentially dead. At this time Aang was 12 years of age. Shortly after being 'killed', Aang is revived by Katara when she uses her Spirit Oasis water to heal him and restore his life. In the short time in which Aang was dead the Avatar Spirit would have been transferred to a newborn child because as soon as an Avatar dies a new Avatar is born. This makes the replacement for Aang 12 years younger than Aang. But because Aang was revived the Avatar Spirit wouldn’t have completely transferred to the new Avatar forming an incomplete Avatar.

Aang died at 66 years of age. Because the incomplete Avatar was born when Aang was 12, he would have been 54 when Aang died. When Aang died however we know that the Avatar Spirit was transferred to Korra, who is now 17 years of age. Since Korra was a newborn and has grown to 17 years of age, this would make the incomplete Avatar 71 years of age currently ((66 - 12) + 17). The age of this incomplete Avatar is possibly the largest flaw in my theory.

When we see Amon fight he uses quick and agile movements to evade the attacks of his foes. The same kinds of movements are used when Tenzin is fighting and using Airbending. Korra is also taught similar movements by Tenzin when she is being trained as an Airbender. By looking at these movements used by these three people, I'm going to assume that Amon knows some form of Airbending (even if he only knows as much as Korra and can only use the movements).

So now going back to episode 44 of the old series. It is possible that when Aang was attacked with a bold of lightning from Azula, and essentially killed, the Avatar Spirit was transferred to another newborn child, in this case being Amon. Amon received the Avatar Spirit and firstly received the ability to Airbend since that was the ability that Aang was born with. But because Aang was then revived by Katara with the Spirit Oasis water, the Avatar Spirit was not completely transferred into Amon. Because of this, when Korra was born the Avatar Spirit only gave Korra the ability to Waterbend, Earthbend and Firebend because Airbending had already been given to Amon. Thus, the Avatar Spirit could have been split into two separate Avatar's.

As Korra said in the first few episodes, the elements of Water, Earth and Fire came so easily to her and yet she's never been able to Airbend even with training from Tenzin. This could be because she is literally unable to Airbender because it’s not a part of her Avatar Spirit, but instead Amon’s since it has been divided amongst them.

This also explains why Amon can permanently remove people's bending. At the end of episode 3, Tenzin says that only the Avatar has ever possessed this ability. But when we look back at the previous series, the Lion Turtle said that everybody used to bend the energy within themselves (Energybending). This change could be due to three reasons:

1) The creators stupidly forgot what they said in the previous series.
2) Aang kept the fact that everybody used to Energybend a secret from the world to stop it spreading.
3) The creators decided to take Energybending in a different direction in this series because they wanted it to only be able to be used by the Avatar, or in this case Avatar's.

When you think about it, if they've changed the laws of Energybending so that only the Avatar can use it as clearly stated by Tenzin, then it makes sense that Amon is also an Avatar and that the Avatar Spirit is divided amongst Korra and Amon because that would mean they both retain the ability to use Energybending and therefore can remove a persons bending permanently.


Now we are going to skip a few episodes forward to when Korra is being locked away by Tarrlok. When Korra is escaping the cell and the Equalists, and bursts out the door of the cabin, she creates a mist of snow to help her escape from Amon. We then see Amon jump high into the air and burst through the snowy mist, surrounded by what appears to be rings of air. This could simply just be to add effect to Amon's agile skills, but could also be hinting towards the fact that Amon is an Airbender.

To conclude this theory, I'm going to look forward to this Saturday's season finale and make a small prediction. The trailer concludes with Amon, Korra and Mako inside what is speculated to be an Equalist hideout. Amon has his fingers placed upon Korra's head as if he is about to remove her bending. Assuming both Amon and Korra share the Avatar Spirit, the outcome could vary. Amon could end up with either the rest of the Avatar Spirit within Korra, or their Avatar Spirit's could swap between then. This would leave Korra with the ability to Airbend, and Amon with the ability to use Waterbending, Earthbending and Firebending.


Episode #040:

[21:14] Azula attacks Aang with a bolt of lightning. While he's in the Avatar State.

[21:19] Aang's Avatar Spirit falls from the plan of existence and Aang is left dead.

[22:28] Katara uses her Spirit Oasis water to heal Aang and his life is restored.

Episode #101:

[03:18] Airbending and Spirituality doesn't come easy to Korra.

Episode #102:

[02:02] Korra easily learned most elements except Airbending.

[21:18] Korra uses quick and agile movements to evade attacks.

Episode #103:

[11:43] Mako and Bolin's parents were killed by a Firebender.

[15:12] Amon's parents were killed by a Firebender.

[16:27] Spirits gave Amon the power to permanently remove bending.

[17:55] Amon uses quick and agile movements to evade attacks.

[22:44] Ability to permanently remove bending (Energybending) has only been possessed by the Avatar.

Episode #106:

[16:25] Amon uses quick and agile movements to evade attacks.

Episode #107:

[08:40] Hiroshi Sato’s wife was killed by a Firebender.

[17:35] Tenzin uses quick quick and agile movements to evade attacks.

Episode #109:

[21:21] Amon uses quick and agile movements to evade attacks.

[21:24] Amon appears to Airbend to jump over the Korra’s ice attack and push through mist.

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