Ho, ho, ho! Sleuth the Mystery is back for the holidays! This time, though, I'm Sleuthing the Mystery.

So, here's what I did. I asked 5 popular users the following three questions.

1. Who's your favorite Avatar character?

2. If there was a holiday episode, what would you like it to be of?

3. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

The five users were:




The Ultimate Waterbender


Your job is to match the correct user to the correct set of answers. Post your guesses on my message wall as such: "User 1 was _. User 2 was _. User 3 was_." and so on. The winner gets, well, bragging rights! A userbox might be in there, too. It depends on my time schedule. Ready for the answers?

  • I am working to fix the emboldened text. Thank you.*

User 1

1. Aang.

2. Christmas special of A:TLA and TLoK

3. Christmas.

User 2

1. Aang.

2. I would love to see everyone from both series come together and celebrate Christmas. Exchanging gifts, telling stories, eating dinner (before Sokka eats all of it) and having a good time.

3. Definitely putting the Christmas tree up, and I love decorating it! (even though sometimes the tree falls on me from its heavy weight...)

User 3

1. Aang.

2. It would be nice if the episode didn't involve action and problems within the Avatar World and instead focused on the bonds formed between all the characters of the series - scences where they're shown caring for one another and having fun as friends and family do.

'3. 'The day when we bring up all the Christmas decorations from the basement and decorate our house - even when I have to assemble our entire tree myself (man, that's work... -_-).

User 4

1. Sokka.

2. It would be nice if the general message of the episode is that materialistic things aren't as important as being with family and friends during Christmas.

3. Setting up the Christmas tree with my family.

User 5

-  Ah, my favorite character. In A:TLA it is Zuko and in LOK it is Bolin. Though I do love Sokka's sense of humor.

- A holiday episode, maybe an LOK Halloween episode. The new Team Avatar could dress up as the old Team Avatar. - Hmm, maybe Diwali. Yeah, that's it. I love Diwali

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