• Sleuthing the Mystery

    Ho, ho, ho! is back for the holidays! This time, though, I'm .

    So, here's what I did. I asked 5 popular users the following three questions.

    1. Who's your favorite Avatar character?

    2. If there was a holiday episode, what would you like it to be of?

    3. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

    The five users were:

    Your job is to match the correct user to the correct set of answers. Post your guesses on my message wall as such: "User 1 was _. User 2 was _. User 3 was_." and so on. The winner gets, well, bragging rights! A userbox might be in there, too. It depends on my time schedule. Ready for the answers?

    • I am working to fix the emboldened text. Thank you.*

    1. Aang.

    2. Christmas special of A:TLA and TLoK

    3. Christmas.

    1. Aang.

    2. I would love to see ever…

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