In honor of the upcoming Fanon Awards, here are ten fanons that, on one hand, shy away from the limelight. On the other hand, these fanons have some popular users as subscribers. I scoured the wiki looking for the top ten of these fanons, and here they are! The guidelines I used are below, so if I violated any rules, let me know in the comments.


  1. I recorded the subscribers of these fanons, not commenters.
  2. I recorded unfinished fanons.
  3. I only recorded fanons with 9 or less subscribers.

Top Ten

10. Avatar: The Mistakes of the Avatar

Henryjh98, Acer, and Kyoshidude all support this 7-subscriber fanfiction! Congrats to Techfilmer!

9. The Kyoshi Chronicles

Who else but Kyoshidude would write this story, which Fruipit, King Bumi's Heir, and Typhoonmaster all read?

8. Jump

And the well-acclaimed Jump falls into 8th place, which is a bigger accomplishment than it sounds. Omashu Rocks, Humble Imaginations, and Fruipit all enjoy this work by Azulazulazula.

7. Vortex

Here's something you don't see often; a crossover fanon - between fanons. Yes, this story includes elements from authors AvatarRoku'sGhost, Agent Slash, Lady Lostris, Minnichi, Wordbender, and Mageddon725. Its subscription list includes PreservationWings, AcerEvan, and OR.

7. Suki's Story

Tied for 7th place is Suki's Story, a story about, assumingly, Suki. Agent Slash's fanfiction is read by Acer, Wings, and OR.

5. The Journey of Tala

Kuir's journey takes us to the beginning of the Top 5, where King Bumi's Heir, Acer, ARG, and ByBray grace the subscription list.

4. Avatar: The Bending Prodigy

Techfilmer makes the top five with readers Kuzon, Ultimate, Annawantimes, Wings, and Acer! Congrats!

3. Avatar: The First Skybender

You might've heard on this fanfic, which barely makes the qualifications with 9 subscribers. Among those are ARG, Henry, Acer, Fruipit, and Kuzon. Good job to Master Ratava!

2. Phantoms

This fanon makes it in at number two! Aritiane, I applaud you - great job! In it's subscription list are Minnichi, Humble, Ty, ARG, and Henry.

1. Aika: Illuminated

Getting the gold medal is PracticalPabu's Aika: Illuminated! Amazing job, Pabu. Here's a fun fact: all 8 of A:I's subscribers are popular users! Yes, Minnichi, ByBray, Humble, Acer, Kyoshidude, Ty, Nozus, and Fruipit read Aika's story! Congrats, PracticalPabu, and everyone else who made the top ten.

Great job, everyone, and if you have questions or comments, please post them, alright? Thanks for reading, and answer these questions if you can! 

Will you check out any of these fanons?

Do you think any of these have the making of the next hit?

Will you nominate one of the Top 10 for the Fanon Awards?

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