• Sleuth the Mystery

    For all you fanon writers out there, here's something fun to do between chapters!

    Simply read the biography questions below, pick a main character from your fanon, fill it out to their specifications, and post it as a comment to this blog! Just a fun little game for you guys.

    If you see MU (Modern Universe), imagine if your character lived in modern day rather than their universe.

    1. MU What's his/her fashion style? Ex. Punk goth rock star

    2. MU What's his/her dream music collaboration? Ex. Usher + Lady Gaga

    3. MU Where would they live in the U.S.? Ex. Seattle, Washington

    4. What's his/her favorite animal? Ex. Unagi

    5. If he/she was given a busload of money, what would they do with it? Ex. Give it to charity

    6. How would they react to meeting Korra/…

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  • Sleuth the Mystery

    In honor of the upcoming Fanon Awards, here are ten fanons that, on one hand, shy away from the limelight. On the other hand, these fanons have some popular users as subscribers. I scoured the wiki looking for the top ten of these fanons, and here they are! The guidelines I used are below, so if I violated any rules, let me know in the comments.

    1. I recorded the subscribers of these fanons, not commenters.
    2. I recorded unfinished fanons.
    3. I only recorded fanons with 9 or less subscribers.

    Henryjh98, Acer, and Kyoshidude all support this 7-subscriber fanfiction! Congrats to Techfilmer!

    Who else but Kyoshidude would write this story, which Fruipit, King Bumi's Heir, and Typhoonmaster all read?

    And the well-acclaimed Jump falls into 8th place, which is a…

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