Asami Sato.... What a Wonderful Life or A Sad Life.

In regards for Asami some nonys called her selfish for dating Mako and a b**** for dating Mako Makorra's formerly hated miss Sato for dating Mako but the really die hard ones might not let go of their hate for Asami even saying things like. (Funny the Makorra's started singing a diffrent tune when Mako treated Asami bad)

"Mako and Korra fell in love(cough bullcrap cough) and it would be selfish of Asami to try and get in between two people who love each other (Yes because when they were at each other's throats in episode 5 proves love) and that other characters aside, from Asami has tougher lives than her (Let's see her mother gone, father tried to kill her) Mako and Bolin's parents murdered by a firebender (Alot of characters in TLA lost more than either brother) Korra raised by elders in a compound and has Avatar duties and the weight of the world on her. Mako and Korra deserve to be happy and Asami shouldn't ruin that."


Granted Mako and Bolin had tough childhoods but how many characters in the whole Avatar Universe had to grow up and take full on adult duties due, To either a parent or both parents dying at the hand of a firebender or leaving to fight in the war? Aang lost all his people and had to save the world and put an end to the war, Korra also has to stop Amon and his Equalists but back to Asami.

Asami may have grown up in a life of riches but she isn't spoiled and rude Asami lost her mother and went twelve whole years without her mother or a female mother figure so she's had an OK childhood now let's move on to the much later years.

Asami after finding out her father is an Equalist is shocked and is upset Hiroshi holds out a glove for her to join him at this point Asami could join her father and stay in her mansion, But sticking to her morals she betrays her only living family member left and joins the benders and joins Team Avatar 2.0 or The Krew. In the finale she is almost killed by her father! so tell me that isn't a hard life event right there.

Asami proved to be a vital and very useful person her fighting skills aren't bad their kind of amazing, She saved the former Avatar Aang's son Tenzin and she drove the Krew around to get those Equalists. Asami needs more development and screentime.

At first she was just a love intrest/rival/ victim of a horrible triangle but she became more than that She has good morals and is beautiful some people don't really care for Asami but give her a chance like the non-Mako haters are telling the Mako haters/dislikers another chance.

Asami gave up her life of luxory, riches and even betraying her father who would try to kill her later for The Krew she sacrificed and lost alot just like either Bender Brothers, Mako gave his childhood up to care for Bolin I find that nice Mako would do such a thing but like in TLA many characters had to take adult roles, Like Kintaro said on the Asami's Fault Blog....

"Asami is the victim here, Asami left her awesome life, her father the last person in her family she trusted who funded the Equalists and Amon, Her mother deceased, And her boyfriend who left her for Korra and kissed her and didn't tell Asami about it."

"So really Asami is the victim is this god-awful triangle and has a pretty sad life Asami sacrificed alot of things wish I could say the same for Mako I know he sacrificed his childhood to care for Bolin but Asami has lost so much more than Mako I'm not a Masami, Borra or whatever the heck you people ship."

None of The Krew have had a great life but in a way that makes them interesting not that even if they didn't have sad backstories that wouldn't make them uninteresting but some people like characters with sad backstoires alot more than ordinary stories.

This is not a post to make anyone change their opinion of Asami I am just stating something to the people who believe Asami is selfish and has lost nothing.

Thoughts? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?

Please Be Civil.

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