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    Asami Sato.... What a Wonderful Life or A Sad Life.

    In regards for Asami some nonys called her selfish for dating Mako and a b**** for dating Mako Makorra's formerly hated miss Sato for dating Mako but the really die hard ones might not let go of their hate for Asami even saying things like. (Funny the Makorra's started singing a diffrent tune when Mako treated Asami bad)

    "Mako and Korra fell in love(cough bullcrap cough) and it would be selfish of Asami to try and get in between two people who love each other (Yes because when they were at each other's throats in episode 5 proves love) and that other characters aside, from Asami has tougher lives than her (Let's see her mother gone, father tried to kill her) Mako and Bolin's parents murdereā€¦

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