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    So, last episode came out yesterday, and added some more romance topics for everyone. Mainly, the whole Makorra/Masami, Mako in general, and the possibility of a new ship featuring Iroh and Asami.

    All those people that are saying "Mako is so mean to Asami, he doesn't deserve anyone", read this blog post: [1]. It is a little long, but it sums up everything. I somewhat agree with those people. Mako isn't treating Asami as he should, it does seem as if he cares more for Korra than Asami, but he should be able to find someone eventually. He's just really conflicted right now. Remember, these characters are teens, and they already have enough on their plate, battling Amon and the Equalists along with romantic tension.

    Now Asami is feeling left ou…

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