Hi guys! So I'm going to do a review for The Guru. I hope you like it! This is a non-descriptive review.

Episode 220. What I thought of it.

The Guru is a very meaningful and important episode. The characters showed a lot of emotion in this episode. I also felt that this episode was very peaceful when Aang is opening his seven chakras. This episode was truely amazing and significant. As you can see, I really enjoy this episode.

Pathik offers juice

Guru Pathik


After recieving messages from different sources, the gaang travels their seperate ways. Aang recieves a message from a Guru who wants to teach him how to control the Avatar State. Toph is given a message from her parents that they are in Ba Sing Se. Sokka is finally going to see his dad after a couple of years. Katara is staying in Ba Sing Se with the Council of Five.

When Aang travels to the Eastern Air Temple, he meets up with Guru Pathik. The Guru helps Aang master the Avatar State by opening seven chakras. Chakras are pools of spiraling energy in our bodies. Meanwhile, Sokka finally sees his dad, Hakoda, and the rest of his village's men. While trying to find her parents, Toph is tricked by Master Yu and Xin Fu. The two earthbenders trap Toph in a large metal box. Also, Azula, Tylee, and Mai disguise themselves as the Kyoshi Warriors to take control over Ba Sing Se from the inside. They plan an act by "purposely" informing the Dai Li that they are not the real Kyoshi Warriors and from the Firenation. The Dai Li immediately explain to their leader, Long Feng, about their discovery. Katara discovers that Prince Zuko and Iroh are in Ba Sing Se and she immediately rushes back to the Council of Five. Katara is captured (put in imprisonment) by Azula, Mai, and Tylee (who Katara thought were the Kyoshi Warriors), after she attempts to tell the Earth King that the Firenation has invaded Ba Sing Se.

Guru Pathik brings Aang to different areas of the temple to open up his seven chakras. Pathik explains to Aang that even Metal is just Earth, but purified. In the next scene, Toph realizes her ability to metalbend out of her metal cage. On the final chakra, Aang is about to master the Avatar State, until he sees a vision of Katara locked in chains and crying for help. Aang quickly leaves Pathik in a desperate attempt to save his true love, picking up a worried Sokka from and Toph on the way to Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile, Azula is sent to Long Feng, head of the Dai Lee. He sets a deal with the Firenation princess. Helping him be in control of Ba Sing Se for the Avatar.

Aang's Reactions/Visions of the Chakras

Earth Chakra: Deals with Survival and Blocked by Fear

Aang is very concerned for his survival.While opening this chakra, he sees fearful images of the Blue Sprit, a darkened image of the Firelord, Katara sinking into the earth floor, him in the Avatar State, him as Koizilla, and an image of Sozin's Comet. I think Aang is right to be concerned for his survival. He then relinquishes his fears and opens this chakra.

Water Chakra: Deals with Pleasure and Blocked by Guilt

Aang feels guilty after all the times he has done something wrong. While opening this chakra, Aang sees a short vision of himeself running away from his home and a vision of himself hurting all of those people in the Avatar State. I think he felt very ashamed of what he did. He then relinquishes his guilt and opens this chakra.

Fire Chakra: Deals with Will Power and Blocked by Shame.
Aang clears his chakras

Aang opens his Fire Chakra

Aang is ashamed of a lot of things he has done in the past. While opening this chakra, he sees himself burning Katara on the riverside. I think he is very dissapointed in himself for burning Katara. He then relinquishes all of his shame and opens this chakra.

Air Chakra: Deals with Love and Blocked by Grief

Aang feels strong pain for the loss of his people, after seeing a vision of the Air Nomads disappearing in the clouds. Guru Pathik wisely explains to Aang that the Air Nomads love for him is still in his heart and is reborn in the form of new love. Aang then sees a vision of the face of Katara in the clouds. I believe Aang has a strong love for Katara and the Air Nomads. He then relinquishes all of his grief and opens this chakra.

Sound Chakra: Deals with Truth and Blocked by Lies

Aang remembers when he told Sokka and Katara that he never wanted to be the Avatar. He had temporarily lied to the two that he was not the Avatar. Guru Pathik tells Aang to except that he is the Avatar. I think that Aang truly felt guilty of all of the lies he has ever said or done. He then he excepts that he is the Avatar and opens of this chakra.

Light Chakra: Deals with Insight and Blocked by Illusion

Guru Pathik explains to Aang that the greatest illusion of all is the illusion of separation. Aang instantly realizes that the four nations are divided and that each nation are four parts of the same whole. Pathik continues to talk about separation; even stating that metal is purified earth. I think Aang finally realizes that all four nations are equal and together all one. Aang then relinquishes the illusion of separation and opens this chakra.

Thought Chakra: Deals with Pure Cosmic Energy and Blocked by Earthly Attachments

Aang meditate on what he is attached to the most. He thinks about Katara and sees beautiful pictures of her. Pathik states to Aang that he is to let go of Katara if he wants to master the Avatar State. Aang is dumb-struck by this idea. He does not want to let go of Katara over pure cosmic energy because he loves her. Pathik thoroughly explains that if he is to master the Avatar State he has to let her go. Aang refuses and instead leaves the Guru. I think Aang did not want to let go of Katara because of his strong attachment to the waterbender.

The Sokka and Hakoda Scene

I really loved the part when Sokka saw his father after the years he was gone from the Southern Water Tribe. The part when Sokka entered the tent and his fater, Hakoda, stood up made me so joyful. Their caring hug was the most memorable moment of that episode.

The Azula, Tylee, and Mai act

I have to say that Mai and Tylee are quite the actresses. Putting on that whole act for the Dai Lee to hear was genius. I was convinced that they accidently told the Dai Lee about pretending to be the Kyoshi Warriors and being from the Firenation. I was surprised that Azula had planned everything out.

Toph Metalbending

File:Toph 002.png

Now, I loved how Toph learned how to Metalbend right after Guru Pathik explained to Aang that metal was purified Earth. This was my favorite line of the episode:

“I am the greatest Earthbender in the world! Don’t you dunderheads ever forget it!”-Toph to Xin Fu and Master Yu

I also liked when she slammed the two into the box and metalbended it closed. I wonder if they are stiil stuck in there?

The End Scene

The ending when Azula was taken by the Dai Lee to Long Feng’s jail cell was kind of suspenseful. Long Feng had that evil smile plastered on his face when he made the deal with Azula. It gave me the chills.

Overall Scores


9/10 The emotions/feelings of the characters were very strong!

Plot Development:

8/10 Yes it did develop a lot of the plot! There was a lot of development on Aang and the tension rising in Ba Sing Se.


8.5/10 I really loved this episode! My favorite one of Book 2! A very meaningful, emotional, and incredible episode.

Thanks for reading!

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