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Wow I can't believe this is still going on. This is my first blog post! Please reply! Post your favorite Water Tribe name in the Avatar the Last Airbender show. Not your favorite Water Tribe character, just a Water Tribe name that is your favorite. This isn't a competition, just put down a name.

I am now putting numbers of votes next to the names to see which names are popular. I put down every name that you commented even if you put more then one name down. Here are the names:

  • Sokka- 10 votes
  • Katara- 14 votes
  • Kya- 12 votes
  • Arnook- 1 vote
  • Hakoda- 16 votes
  • Bato- 3 votes
  • Due- No votes
  • Hama- 3 votes
  • Pakku- 6 votes
  • Kanna- 3 votes
  • Huu- 1 vote
  • Hahn- 1 vote
  • Korra- 6 votes
  • Kuruk- 3 votes
  • La (Ocean Spirit)- 5 votes
  • Tui (Moon Spirit)- 7 votes
  • Sangok (that kid who katara beat)- 1 vote
  • Tho- No votes
  • Ummi- 6 votes
  • Yue- 16 votes
  • Yugoda- 6 votes
  • Roku's Waterbending Teacher- 3 votes
  • Tenzin- 1 vote

So Yue is in the lead with 17 votes. Hakoda is second with 16 votes and Katara is in third with 14 votes

Thanks Everyone! I hope I got everyone. REMEMBER THESE ARE FAVORITE NAMES. So which one sounds the coolest or seems cool to you. Also check out my other blog called If you were a Spirit in the Spirit World....Skybender101 - Talk Katara PL Sprite 22:37, February 2, 2011 (UTC)Skybender101

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