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  • Skybender101

    Happy Holidays Avatar Wikians. Yes, I know I haven't been on that much since I said that I was back, but the point is, I want to wish you guys a happy holidays. It's been a great 2011 year on this wiki, and I had so much fun! I love to reminiscent all the good events that happened on the wiki this year.

    Let's see....there was the Avatar Tournament hosted by FirstAvatar. Hawky Awards, User Awards, the Fanon Portal, user groups, new admins and Fanon admins, etc. I could go on and on forever. Unfortunately, excellent users left the wiki, but they will never be forgotten.

    So what was your favorite event or memory that happened on this wiki this year? Do you miss someone who left? Do you want something to change in 2012 on this wiki? Comment your…

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  • Skybender101

    I am back

    November 22, 2011 by Skybender101

    Hi Avatar Wiki! The sky has removed her clouds and has brought out the sun. Yeah.....

    Well, I bet some of you do not know me, but I'm officially back on this wiki and I am extremely excited. I guess I was not gone that long, but to me it felt like a year. Please catch me up on the news of latest updates on this wiki. I hope I didn't miss much although I know a few major things that did happen. If you joined the wiki when I left, then welcome! I'm sorry user groups that I am in for not contributing. Guess what, my favorite character is Suki now. You probably did not need to know that, but I was just itching to tell. Get ready for my immaturity to commence!

    Anywho, I'm back and better than ever :)

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  • Skybender101

    Hello Wikians! It's (who is making this blog) and (who insisted that I should make the blog). We bring you... the best of Avatar: The Last Airbender!! I should give credit to Moon Beam who had the ide of this blog.

    I hope this blog will be fun for all of you!

    Now lets get down to business.... in this blog you have to find the best things in A:TLA. What do I mean by that? There are 5 categories shown below:

    For the best picked pictures, you have to find the best picture in A:TLA by using These pictures could be action, not action, calm, it does not matter. As long as it's an EXCELLENT picture. Give us the link to your picture.

    For this category, you have to search for the quotes that you think are the best in A:TLA. You can sea…

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  • Skybender101

    My Inactivity

    May 17, 2011 by Skybender101

    Hello Wikians! I'm dissapointed to say that I will be inactive for the next four or five days. This is because I feel like I spend a lot of my time on the wiki and that I need a break. Rest assured I will stop by once everday to check on what's happening or comment. Of course I will try to stop by once and edit a page for my user groups. I'll continue to write my fanon chapters, but I won't be on as often as I usually am. I'm really sad to leave all of you guys for a few days, but I feel like I need a break. You can still find me on IRC during the evening though :) O

    I hope you can understand my problem and I hope to see you guys soon! =]

    Adios Amigos for now! Actually, I'm going to post the next chapter of my fanon later or tomorrow.


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  • Skybender101

    This is for anyone who reads my fanon the Legend of Mei Lien. I know people read my fanon, but I'm not sure who to update that a new chapter is out. So I've decided to let you, my readers, tell me if the want a message on their talk page each time a chapter of LoMl comes out. The most recent chapter was Reaching Ba Sing Se.

    Thanks guys! Just leave a comment.

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