Hi, first of all I want to say sorry for my poor and bad English. Well, Avatar is definitely one of the greatest franchises of all time. It is has huge world, different characters and everyone enjoys it ( children, teens, even adults ). I'm pretty sure that after many years someone will make movie or tv show based on it ( not animated ). But what is better? Well, we have one movie already and I liked it ( although I'm little disappointed ). I think that tv show is better decision. Why? Well, I think that talented group of showrunners can take original plot and make it more "extensive". They can create very beautiful, complex and maybe "adult" series based on Avatar. Something like "Game Of Thrones". Maybe movie will be good too but it will be very limited entertainment. Also Hollywood ruins almost everything nowadays. I also said that it may be more for adult audience. Well, I think that it would be better because it will be something new and also there are themes which younger audience can't understand ( philosophical, romantic, darker themes. Truth about horrors of war, racism, discrimination ect ) and things that can't be shown to kids. If it was for children, it would be limited.

So, what do you think?

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