What's this, you say? A new FanFiction called Fleeting Peace by Sirius? Tell me more.

Well, if you insist. . .

What's it about?

Fleeting Peace is a story that takes place approximately 900 years after Aang vanquished Ozai. The world has changed greatly, and it is literally in pieces. In a nutshell, the Anti-Benders of LoK have taken over the world. The Four Nations no longer exist and the Avatar is practically useless in such a divided world.

The story begins with Lin, a seventeen-year-old girl living in Vuon, a country that was once the central Fire Nation. She also happens to be a Firebender, something that's forbidden. She lives a malcontent life with her mother, a rather weak-hearted woman. In a fit of impusliveness, Lin leaves her home for the East, a name given to the continent that used to be the Earth Kingdom (likewise, what used to be the Fire Nation is called "the West"). Much of the story is told from her perspective, in first person.

And of course, there's dear Po, a secret (and very mediocre) Airbender living in the Northern Air Temple, or what is now called "Gust." And get this: Po is a very special person that unwittingly wields great power, but if you want to know more about it, I suggest you read the series.

Naturally, there's a whole plethora of characters, but most of them won't be introduced in the first chapter.

If you want a different, more "official" description, go to the main page.

Potential FAQ's

  • So are the benders all gone? No, but all of them are hidden, imprisoned, or enslaved.
  • Why is the world so messed up? The answer will be explored more thoroughly in the series, but basically, the Anti-Benders and their friends (Spoiler: some allies of the Anti-Benders are actually benders) took over the world, then reformed and picked it apart, splitting each the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation into multiple, smaller countries. Naturally, the designated rulers of each country disagreed with each other, so now there's constant warfare.

Any other questions? Just ask me.

Why would I read it?

  1. You might pity me. So far, I have a tiny fan base, but that very small fan base enjoys my writing.
  2. You may like post-appocalyptic stories or stories about world corruption.
  3. You might just be curious.
  4. You may enjoy reading about the same world but with a special twist.

What has happened so far?

You'll have to read to find out, of course! But so far, there are five chapters out, and they're all waiting to be read.

Special Request

Please leave comments on anything of mine that you read. Suggestions for improvement and criticism are especially appreciated!

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