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  • Sirius13

    What's this, you say? A new FanFiction called Fleeting Peace by Sirius? Tell me more.

    Well, if you insist. . .

    Fleeting Peace is a story that takes place approximately 900 years after Aang vanquished Ozai. The world has changed greatly, and it is literally in pieces. In a nutshell, the Anti-Benders of LoK have taken over the world. The Four Nations no longer exist and the Avatar is practically useless in such a divided world.

    The story begins with Lin, a seventeen-year-old girl living in Vuon, a country that was once the central Fire Nation. She also happens to be a Firebender, something that's forbidden. She lives a malcontent life with her mother, a rather weak-hearted woman. In a fit of impusliveness, Lin leaves her home for the East, a name g…

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  • Sirius13

    This is my first blog post and episode review, so bear with me. Also, I wanted to get to this episode before TAD did (and no competition!) since it is one of my favorites.

    Previously: Aang and Katara set their eyes on traveling to the North Pole; Katara can heal "magically"; Zhao begins chasing the Avatar; Zuko is the Blue Spirit.

    Team Avatar (although Sokka hasn't invented their name yet) is captured by Waterbenders after biting each other's throats and Katara makes the wise observation of finding the Northern Water Tribe.

    Meanwhile, Zhao holds a war meeting and tells his fellows that the Avatar is traveling north and that it's time to attack the North Pole, home to a civilization that has survived a century of war.

    Without further ado (but wit…

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