I recently noticed similarities between A: TLA and HP. Here's why:

  • Both stories revolve around protagonists who enter a new world in distress (the world and the characters are in distress).
  • Both boys must fight off an evil antagonist.
  • There are similarities in each story: each year, Harry acomplishes something and defeats someone. Every season, Aang learns a new element and defeats part of the Fire Nation (with the exception in season two, where the Earth Kingdom falls. However, this is similar to how Harry watches Voldemorts rebirth in Book Four and is unable to do anything to stop him.)
  • In HP and the Deathly Hallows, Voldemort yells at Harry, "You are WEAK! Just like your parents!" In the series finale of A: TLA, Ozai yells at Aang, "You are WEAK! Just like your people!" Similar, eh?
  • Also, in the end of each series, Harry and Aang both defeat their opponents and set out to live great lives- Harry with Ginny and their children James, Albus and Lily. Harry becomes an Auror (a Dark Wizard Catcher aka the cacher of the bad guys/ peace-keeper). Aang with Katara and their son Tenzin. Aang continues to be the Avatar and keep the peace.

Just a few similarities, that's all.

Ok, bye. :)

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