After we got off track on the "Zutara should have happened" blog, and decided that having a blog for A: TAS would be good... well, I guess you can figure out what happened after that.

So welcome to the newly-formed A: TAS blog! (Wow, do I sound geeky or what?) For those of you who don't know, A: TAS is a [hilarious] parody of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was created by GanXingba on YouTube, and basically, he (and his co-parody makers, including PsychoSilver) edit down scenes of the original show and do voice-overs to completely change the plot. To put this as simply as possible, this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Ever.


GanXingba (let's call him GX, because the full username is a mouthful) completely changed each character to pretty much make fun of the show. For example:

Aang: Instead of being a sweet, innocent, loving, and gentle boy, Aang is now a self-conceited, obnoxious, arrogant teenager. He still loves Katara.

Sokka: Instead of loving meat and sarcasm, he "hates this world and everyone in it." He still kinda likes sarcasm and skepticism. And he loves making fun of his sister (like always). Luckily, he's also the comic-relief character.

Katara: has absolutely no interest in Aang. Unfortunately, she hasn't had that much luck with guys elsewhere. She's still an optimist, though.

Zuko: is still the annoying teenager we all know and love, but he now acts like a whiny 3-year-old with almost no interest in capturing the Avatar.

Iroh: is a gefilte fish-loving, Yiddish-speaking uncle. 'Nuf said.

Haru: is now gay.

Suki: doesn't exactly... um... like Sokka. At all.

King Bumi: is a drug addict. Not very surprising, considering how crazy he was in the show.

Jet: is insane, and likes to go through people's trash.

Teo: is not handicapped, but "handicapable"!

The Mechanist: is one of the only people in the world who thinks logically.

June: is pretty the same, but she has a deep, manly voice.

Momo: is a Mexican "kitty" named Pedro, who is talented in the art of explosives.


There are 10 episodes in the series so far. Each original episode from the show has been edited down and often combined with another into a 5-7 minute sequence. Honestly, I can't really exhibit the hilarious-ness of these parodies without completely giving away the story-line, so I suggest you just watch the episodes here.

All ten of them are there, and if it doesn't load correctly, try here.

It doesn't seem like more episodes will be released soon, but if they are, I'll post a link.


"Sozin's Big Ball of Fire" on Youtube. Similar to A: TAS, except in centers around Sozin's Comet. The voices are difficult to understand in the first few episodes, but it's worth it. Here is the link to the page. And "Avatard: Book 3", made by the same creator, and is a prequel to SBBoF. The first episode is here.

"The Day of Black Stache", also by GanXingba and PsychoSilver. Click here.

You also may enjoy "A: TAS- Haru Beauty Products". Try here.

Or "Avatar Barbie Girls": here

Also, you can visit the website: Click here.

There are tons of parodies out there. If you feel one should be mentioned, please include the link in your comment, and I'll add it to the list.


There are sexual references, explicit language, and biblical references in "A: TAS" and the above. Just letting you know in case you don't appreciate and/or don't like that stuff, and want to avoid it.

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