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June 13, 2009
  • I live in Rio Piedras, PR
  • I was born on June 7
  • My occupation is Legal Mercenary Paper-Pusher
  • I am Female
  • Sings-With-Spirits

    As most people who know me know, I am an avid role-player and have been since the early days of D&D. As such, I see shows like Avatar (in all its incarnations) as a great way to integrate new concepts into the game; nations where magic (i.e. "bending") is seen as a normal, everyday thing by the populace and nations defined by the nature of their magic. The d20 OGL (also known as D&D 3.x) has allowed many aspiring gamecrafters the ability to interpret "bending" to D&D/d20, but often with less-than satisfactory results. This is through no fault of their own; ever since the days of 1st edition AD&D there have been elementalist wizards of several different flavours (Wu Jen from Oriental Adventures, Elementalists from Al-Qadim), enhanced with c…

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