Hello all you little rascals. So, as some of you may know I broke my leg while boating last week. Sucks? Hell to the f*** yeah. Back on topic before I start rambling and wasting your time.

Seeing as I'll be a lazy little bastard for about a month and half, I have decided to start working/brainstorming for my very first fanon! *throws confetti and blows on party horn*

I've compiled most of my ideas for my little fetus of a fanon and would like to get some feedback from many of you in order to gain a general consensus on what I should and shouldn't change.

Also, I got the inspiration for this thanks to a certain users blog regarding coming up with your own fanon ideas. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the blog author or the name of the blog post, so if the author is reading this please do not beat me with a potato.

Name of the Series: The Legend of Kei (Orignal? Totally)

Name and Gender Of Avatar: Kei (Male)

Natural Bending Style Of The Avatar: Firebender.

Age of Avatar: 18

Where The Avatar is from: Fire nation trading colony called Yutaka (why does it sound like Butakha? Because f*** you that's why), a few hundred miles outside of Republic City.

Avatar's Personality: Kei is a fun loving and adventurous young man who, like his brother, has a positive outlook on life. He, like Avatar Korra, is a big fan of Pro-bending (which has evolved and branched out into many different fields of competition) and has even proposed ideas to his brother Kusakh about possibly forming a team. Despite his fun loving side, he harbors much grief and anguish over the stories of his mother's death in labor, along with his father's demise years later, and blames himself for their losses (never revealing this to his brother). Kei is well aware of his duties as the avatar, but feels that he needs to build more of a sense of personal identity before he is ready to serve the world. Also, he has a strong sense of duty, and is a rather impulsive person.

Family Of The Avatar (Class, Social Standings, Etc): (Mixed heritage family) Mother (formerly water tribe) died in child birth, and father (former foreign relations diplomat for RC) died of heart break over their mother when Kei and Kusakh were very young (8 and 11 respectively). They were then looked after by their maternal uncle Satoru (pronounced Sah-toroo), a non-bender who, ironically, holds great understanding of all the bending arts, but comes across as both a nut and a wise man.

His brother Kusakh (pronounced more like Kuzakh) is his waterbending older brother. 3 years older to be exact. He is known to be optimistic for the most part, but he makes it very apparent when things do not look good. He is a protective young man who is willing to risk everything to ensure the safety of his loved ones. Kusakh is also responsible for currently teaching Kei waterbending, but without much success as of yet. He also likes to push his younger brother's buttons, which sometimes start small arguments between the two.

His closest friend, Asuka (18), has been a long time friend since they could crawl. She is a gifted firebender, but is close minded, stubborn, but fun too.

Setting Of The Series: 120 years after the events of The Legend of Korra. The previous avatar before him, Avatar Borri, was killed at the hands of an unknown villain, but managed to keep the world in balance for the most part despite the huge economical and technological recession felt worldwide. (The killer's identity will be shared in just a little bit.)

Does the Avatar Know All The Elements In The Beginning Of Your Series? Has mastered fire, and air.

What Is the most difficult element for your Avatar to bend? Currently water.

Describe the new Team Avatar In Your Series:

Shinju (19), is a promising metalbender-in-training, but is lacking in talent in regards to traditional earthbending, a fact he is very self-conscious of. (not originally part of the team).

Asuka: (see above)

Karee: Kei's Husky-Sloth (Yeah it's a sloth mixed with a Siberian Husky, come at me) and animal guide, is a loyal-to-the-death companion of his, and is surprisingly fast for an animal that is part sloth. Has the head, tail, and legs of a husky, and the body of a sloth, along with the facial markings and large claws. Coloration is that of a husky as well.

Who are the villains?

The villains are currently an insurrectionist movement headed by a mysterious, yet popular figure named Sahiro (a bender of unknown prowess or type) who unbeknownst to anyone but the late Avatar Borri, was responsible for the avatar's demise. The name of his movement is known as the "The Resurrection", in regards to the degrading state of the civilized world.

What is the goal of the villains?

Their goal is to bring down all the leadership of the world and restore it with leaders who will "restore peace and prosperity" to all the world, but there are ulterior goals in mind for the movement's leader. like? Yes? No? Maybe? *insert cruel broken leg joke here*

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