Okay boys and girls, goys and birls. As you all know, I made a joking blog post earlier in the week subtlely mocking the Hiroshi=equalist theorists. After watching "The Aftermath" I am now taking slaps to the face for free up until 8:00 pm EST tonight.

After watching "And the Winner Is...." last week I thought that this weeks episode would have a hard time surpassing it in awesomeness and quality. While I am in no way, shape, or form bashing this week's episode, I have to say that it was not quite as good as the last episode. That is all I have in the way of negativity towards "The Aftermath".

Now for me to start raving over the awesome and positive parts of this episode. *clears throat*

1) I have definately become even more of a fanboy of Lin thanks to her seismic sense, and her God of War-esque face-raping of one of those Mecha tanks (which the design of said tanks just scream Big Daddy to me).

2) Tenzin has proven to me that J.K. Simmons has gotten over the lack of Spider-man pictures in his office and has moved on to badass-bending.

3) Hiroshi Sato! Oh boy, this one got me. Hiroshi Sato has gone and thrown a wrench into the inner fabric of my "Fat/jolly=Good guy" theory and leaves me wondering if Santa did anything (devious) other than just leave presents and eat my cookies during my childhood.

4) Asami! Hahaha! Where's your god now haters! I liked her character before, but now I love her character. No not like Mako, I mean, a sweet girl combined with badass martial arts and a lead foot gets a +1 in my book.

5) Cabbage Merchant statue! Nuff said.

6) I loved the change of pace in this episode following the fast paced nature of the previous episode. This one to me had more of a slow-paced film noire-esque feel to it for the most part up until the final 7-8 minutes.

Finally number 7) The final showdown in this episode between Korra, Tenzin, Lin, cops, against Hiroshi, the Lieutenant, etc. reminded me of your typical video game boss battle. Your heroes/main characters wander into a big, open, arena-like space. The exit is suddenly sealed off, and then the baddies reveal themselves and a full on s*** storm ensues.

Sorry, but I have to say this 8) Lieutenant really needs to be hitting the training room soon. He kicks the crap out of Mako and Bolin, but in the last two episodes he's had his ass handed to him by Korra (forgivable since she's the Avatar, plus dat nasty elbow to the nose) and Asami.

9) I have to say this once again, but Asami is now one of my favorite characters. When she takes down the Lieutenant (albeit by suprise) my just shifted to O_O

That's all for now everyone, though I will update this post more than once as new thoughts on the episode pop into my head.

HOTMAN OUT!!!!!!!!

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