As many, if not all of you know, most of the character's pages on this wiki are given a quote said by, or in reference to that character in a way that is supposed to have some form of representation of that character's personality.

I got this wonderful little idea.....what if we had the same system of quotes, but for each episode of A:TLA and Korra, using one quote from each respective episode to give some sort of representation of that episode. One or two that I had in mind were for "Welcome to Republic City" and "The Aftermath".

1) "Welcome to Republic City"

Quote: What better than "Welcome to Republic City-Gommu"

2) "The Aftermath"

Quote: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission- Asami"

So what do you guys think?

Yes? No? Possibly? STFU Hotman and crawl back your hole?

Leave some of your ideas in the comments below.....if you want of course.

I'm seriously wondering if this should be proposed as something to be added to the main articles for each episode.

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