So, after a week of awesomeness that included 3 days in Atlantic City, a day of boar hunting in Wilmington, and just two hours ago, a viewing of "The Avengers" (by far my new favorite superhero movie) at Imax theatres. Seeing as I had not seen "And The Winner Is..." until just 30 minutes ago, I was afraid that my awesome gland (located right behind the occipital lobe) had shorted out from the amazing week.

Well color me purple, my belly green, slap a goddamn tail on me, and call me frickin Barney. "And The Winner Is..." was just about the most exciting thing I had seen all week.

I started up the recording, wondering if it could live up to the past amazing episodes to have been released, and boys and girls, let me tell you....When a man experiences puberty a second time in their life, you know something awesome has happened.

I hate to sound like an adrenaline high fanboy, but the episode just about had me collapsing of heart failure. I mean, there was so much addressed in this episode. We found out that Lin and Tenzin once had the hots for each other, Tahno and his Wolfbats are a bunch of cheating bastards, and Amon, and the Iron man army are not to be f'd with anymore.

I don't want to ramble on about everything right now so I'll just point out the one flaw I saw with this episode. While I absolutely loved the fight between Korra and Lin, and the Equalists, I was sad to see that Mako and Bolin were just sitting on the sidelines with the thumbs in butts. It seemed like two main characters were temporarily phased out in my opinion.

Anyway, to wrap this whole schpiel up, I absolutely loved this episode, and it was the perfect cap for an awesome week.

This has been The Hotman, and I wish you god-speed.

btw, if you're a superhero fan you must see "The Avengers"

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