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Gotta situation? I got an Answer

Gotta Situation?

I think I have watched enough Avatar and read enough facts to have the knowledge equal to or greater than the skill of an Avatar in the Avatar State. And I can and will prove it. Think up a situation EXAMPLE:

  • As a Water Bender
  • In Grassland
  • Fighting Earth Bender
  • Sends HUGE rock hurtling towards you- no space to jump and no time to run

My answer:

  1. Simpley pull water out of a nearby lake (or water pouch) bend it into a bubble around me and "water jet" out of the way.
  2. Form water into a huge Ice Arrow and send straight into the center, then repeat as much as possible, if not destroyed, form a huge ice sword/lance/dagger thing and jam it as hard as I can into the center.

Think of some DIFFICULT challenges!

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