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    ... the Earth Kingdom. The Water Tribes have the spirit oasis. The Air Nomads are all benders due to their high spiritual affinity. The Fire Nation has the fire sages. Even though Ba Sing Se is the cultural and spiritual centre of the Earth Kingdom, we have yet to see an example of how spiritual it really is. The only time where we witnessed any spiritual activities in the Earth Kingdom was when General Fong was trying to get Aang into the avatar state. Due to their lack of spiritual wisdom, the Earth Kingdom shaman was not able to induce the avatar state on Aang. In team avatar, Toph, the most gifted earth bender, shared the same level of spiritual understanding as Sokka. It seems as if the Earth Kingdom is the least spiritual of all 4 ra…

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    Being the avatar has its fair share of hardships and stress, but I would like to argue that Zuko had a much harder life. Zuko had to tread the line of right and wrong regularly especially without much external support. For him, it was about being torn to choose his destiny. Aang on the other hand had his destiny set for him in a fateful way. His destiny was to end the 100 year war and it was quite clear as soon as he emerged from the iceburg, Aang did not have to face the moral dilemas on the same scale that Zuko did. For these reasons, I believe Zuko had a much harder role to play in A-TLA.

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