Well I just finished writing the last chapter of Avatar: The Resistance. I had fun writing it and I hoped anyone who read it enjoyed it. I plan on writing another Avatar fannon next summer. It's proboly going to be my last Avatar fannon because it's the only idead I have that I can write. I have other ideas for Avatar fannons, but I just can't write them. I had an Idea for a sequel for Avatar: The Resistance, but it's more like a drama series and I can't write drama.

The idea I have for it is good and I would like someone to write this type of story I have in my mind, if someone hasn't written one yet. The story moslty resolves around Nazo trying to balance his duties as the Avatar and Fire Lord. Also he has to raise a family at the same time. I don't think this type of story has ever been written before, but I'm not sure. I had another project in mind, but Avatar: The Resistance ins't that well know, so it won't happen in till that changes. Anyway thanks for reading this and I hope you all have a good day.

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