The group was flying over of the remains of Omashu and looking at the carnage. What was there was no more. Everything was destroyed and the group barley recognize the place. As they got closer they saw a big hole, with a tower in the middle. The tower was very tall and Chimera were surrounded it.

“I’m guessing that’s a Chimera Tower. You told me about those,” Nazo said.

“Yes it is. They act like command centers to the Chimera. We thought they built them, but then a group of resistance fighters saw them excavating one of the towers,” Ash said.

“So that means the Chimera have been here before. I can’t believe we haven’t discover those towers yet,” Aria said.

“Well they are millions of years old. So they would be pretty deep in the Earth.” The Chimera spotted the group and started to attack them. They sky was filled energy blasts from the Chimera’s anti-air guns. Blaze tried her best not to get hit, but she couldn’t keep dodging forever. The group decided to land before they get hit. They landed in a nervy forest, but they saw the Chimera coming to them.

They looked fro a place to hide, since there were too many of them. They kept looking in till bumped into a man. He told them to follow him. They did and ended up in an underground base. They saw many people and realized that these people were the resistance fighters. They walked into a large room and Nazo saw someone he knew. It was his Airbending teacher, Drake.

“Master I didn’t except you to be here,” Nazo said.

“I didn’t except you either Nazo. How are you doing?” Drake asked, happy to see his old student.

“I’m doing fine master. What brings you here?”

“I was going to ask the same question. I’m the leader of this resistance group. You didn’t think I was going to stand in the middle of nowhere and meditate all day.”

“Maybe, I’m here because one of your men. We were trying to get away from the Chimera when he found us. We might have been killed if he didn’t save us.”

“I wouldn’t be sure that you would have died. Still it’s better to be safe then sorry. Anyway since you’re here, do you want to help us?”

“Of course I want to help, but help with what?”

“To take down that tower of course.”

“How are you going to do that? They’re so many Chimera guarding that thing,” Aria said.

“Don’t worry we have planning this attack for weeks.”

“I wonder what that plan is,” Ash said.

“Well it’s an easy plan. We attack the Chimera and they will fight back. The attack is actually a distraction. While most of the Chimera are focusing on us, a group will get into the tower and plant charges. Don’t you think it’s a good plan?”

“It does sound good. You’re the best stragest I know of master,” Nazo said.

“Well thank you Nazo. That makes me feel much better.”

“So who’s going to go in?” Aria asked.

“Since you three came, I was thinking of sending you three.”

“So you want to send three people who just found out of this plan? I don’t mind going in,” Ash said.

“I’ll be going in too,” Nazo said.

“I guess I’ll go in too. Just take care of Blaze,” Aria said.

“That’s good to hear,” Drake said. Drake started to show them inside of the tower that he got from a metalbender. He told them where to put the charges and where they should go after they set the charges. After the briefing everyone gets ready for the mission. They put all their gear on and ready their weapons. They marched out of their base and headed to the fields near the tower. When they got there, the Chimera were ready and huge battle erupter between the two sides. Bodies were flying across the field. Men were bleeding to death, as they hear explosions in the background. As they kept fighting, more Chimera came into the battle. They started to take cover using destroyed Stalkers. As the battle was going on the group reached the tower.

“Are you guys ready?” Nazo asked.

“I know I am,” Ash said.

“Lets get this over with,” Aria said. The three went into the tower. They hope the resistance fighters could off the Chimera. It was going to be a long day.

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