It was a cold night and the group sitting around a campfire. They were roasting marsh mellows and cooking meet for Blaze. Ash was in the middle of telling a ghost story when they herd a noise.

“Did you guys here that,” Ash asked.

“I herd it. I wonder what it is,” Nazo said. They got up and looked around. They were on high alert. They didn’t know what was out there and were not taking any chances.

“Maybe we should go on Blaze and fly away,” Aria said.

“That sounds good to me,” Nazo said. Then out of nowhere a group of hideous looking creatures come out of the bush and attacked them. The group started to fight the creatures.

“What are these things?” Aria asked.

“We call them Grims. They’re a type of Chimera. Although there more like zombies,” Ash said.

“Well they do act like zombies. There just charging at us,” Nazo said. The group kept on fighting them, but more kept coming. Before they could escape on Blaze, a Grim jumped o Blaze’s back and broke her wings. Nazo was able to clear a path for the group so they could get away from the Grims. The group kept running I till they reached a house. They looked around and found a garage big enough to fit Blaze. As they tried to get the door open, the Grims found them and started to charge at them.

“Hurry up guys. They’re coming this way,” Aria said. They manage to open and close the garage door seconds before the Grims got to them. The Grims started to bash on the door and stopped after a few minutes of trying to break the door.

“Is everyone okay?” Nazo asked.

“Were all fine. Except for Blaze. Those Grims broke her wings, Ash said.

“I guess that means were stuck here in till she gets better.”

“That’s what it means.” The group lies down and they all fall asleep. A few hours later a loud noise woke them up.

“Are the Grims trying again?” Aria asked.

“I think so. Blaze was the one who made that noise, Ash said. Blaze was growling like crazy. She sensed something was coming their way. Then a door open and a man came inside.

“Looks like I have some guests in my house,” the man said.

“Who are you?” Nazo asked.

“My name is Gerald. What brings you here?”

“A group of Grims chassed us and they broke the wings of our Dragon. Gerald looked at Blaze and she looked right back. She was still growling at him.

“That’s a sad thing to hear. Those Grims are a pain. They tried to get in here several times. Every time they try I shoot them all down. I guess they got the message.”

“Maybe they didn’t, since they chassed us here,” Ash said.

“It doesn’t matter now. You’re all safe here. Now come with me.” They fallowed Gerald and they walked into the living room. They looked up and saw a big picture of Amon.

“Why do you have a picture of Amon?” Aria asked.

“He was my grandfather. My parents were Equalists and believed what he said.”

“I guess someone has some senses. What did you think of your grandfather?” Nazo asked.

“He was a brilliant man. He had good intentions, but it was pointless in the end. Taking bending away wouldn’t make people equal. The rich will still be at the top and the poor will still be at the bottom. Besides if he took all bending away we wouldn’t have Pro Bending. That was the best game since Blitzball.”

“I remember that game. It was the most popular game in the water tribes,” Aria said.

“Those two games were good, but nothing beats Grifball,” Nazo said.

“You just watch that for the explosions.”

“It has good explosions and it’s awesome.”

“You boys and your explosions.”

“Can I ask you something Gerald?” Ask asked.

“Of course you can” Gerald said.

“How long have you been here? It seems you’ve been here a long time.”

“I’ve been here a long time. I got enough food in the basement to feed a nation for five years.”

“That’s a lot of food,” Aria said.

“Still I would like to leave this place, but of course we have those Grims.”

“We could give you lift. When Blaze gets better.”

“That sounds great, thank you.”

“Your very welcome.” Days pass by and one-day Blaze wings get better and are ready to fly.

“Looks like Blaze is good to go,” Nazo said.

“Yes she does, now we…” Ash said before a group of Grims breaks through the ceiling.

“How did they get in?” Ash asked.

“Who cares how they got in. We need to get out of here,” Aria said. The group fights the Grims as Gerald gets the garage door open, as more and More Grims rush into the garage. They kept fighting, but they were getting tired. There were too many of them. Gerald manages to get the garage door to open and the group runs out. They closed the garage door behind them and they started to get on to Blaze. Then another group of Grims come and grab Gerald. They group tried to help him, but more Grims were coming.

“Go leave me behind. You must get out of here. Don’t worry…” Gerald said before a Grim snapped his neck. Blaze flew away before the Grims got to them. The Group looked at the house one last time, as the Grims took over the place.

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