The Black Hood gets Nazo out of the hole and Nazo couldn’t believe his eyes. The Black Hood saved him and not only that, he saved his life. He started to think that he was dreaming.

“I don’t even get a thank you?” The Black said.

“Why did you save me? Last time you were trying to kill me. Also aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Nazo asked.

“I threw the explosives away before I detonated it. I wasn’t going to get captured by the cops. I saved you because we need to defeat the Chimera once and for all.”

“Does that mean your going to stop killing me?”

“No I’m still going to kill you, but not right now. Once this is all over I will kill you.”

“I guess that means I still can’t trust you. Still we have to kill Diablo before he escapes.”

“He doesn’t plan on escaping, at least not yet. We better find him and fast.”

“Did you see where he went?”

“That was a hologram you were chasing. I saw a few and I almost fell into the same trap you fell into. I know where he truly is, so follow me.” Nazo followed the Black Hood to where Diablo was. Nazo felt weird being with the Black Hood. He felt the Black Hood would turn on him at any moment, but he had to trust him. Nazo doesn’t know where Diablo was and he needed to find him fast.

Back with Ash, the Chimera had pinned them to one side of the room. Every time they took out a Chimera, five more would appear. They needed to stop more Chimera from coming into the room. Ash started to look at the doors and made up a plan. He told the earth benders to follow him to the doors. Ash told the others to give them cover while they tried to block the doors. Ash and the earth benders started to head to the doors, while the Chimera were shooting at them. The others were able to get some of the Chimera to shoot at them, but some Chimera ignored them and tried to kill Ash and the earth benders.

One of the earth benders was shot in the leg, but told the other to go on without him and said he would give them cover. The earth bender started sharp metal disks at the Chimera and the Chimera started to fire at him. He kept shooting the metal disks at him in till a Chimera was able to shoot him in the head. Ash and the earth benders were able to reach a door and blocked it with metal bending. They’re three more doors to close and it wasn’t going to be easy.

Outside, the Chimera were pushing back the military. The Goliath was getting closer to them and soon they would be in range of its weapons. They needed to take down the Goliath before it gets a chance to fire on them. They needed the fighter jets to take it down, but the stalkers would take them down before they could reach the Goliath. Then a fire bender said that they brought a missile launcher with them, but it taken damage while they were coming her and aren’t sure if it was working. The commander told him to get the missile launcher ready and hope that it’s still working. If they don’t get it working, then they weren’t going to survive.

The fire bender and a few others went to get the missile launcher ready. The others were going to try their best to stop the Chimera from gaining more ground. The Chimera were coming closer and closer. Some of the Chimera started to charge at their position and ignoring their fire. When the charging Chimera got to them, they distracted them, while the other groups of Chimera were getting closer. Soon they were in the range of the Goliath and it started to fire at them. Men were flying into the air and the started to run. Just at the Goliath was going to fire again, a missile hit it in the legs and started to lose its balance. Then another missile hit and it tipped over. The Goliath fell onto many groups of Chimera and squashed them all. Everyone started to cheer and they started to push the Chimera back towards the tower.

At Ba Sing Se, Mia and Aria finished making their plan and told the Chimera what eh should do. He didn’t like it, but he felt it was worth the risk. He had a group of jet fighters attack the flagship and told the jet fighter in the air to protect them. The group of fighter jets took off and soon began to attack the flagship. It was hard to hit because they were trying to avoid fire from all the ships that were surrounding the flagship. On the ground the troops were able to keep the Chimera from passing the Middle ring, but just barely. The Goliaths were getting closer and they were already taking out groups of soldiers. Stalkers were moving closer, but the tanks were keeping them at bay. Aria decided to go back to the battlefield and told Mia to stay in the tent. She didn’t want the baby to get hurt. Mia didn’t like staying in the tent, but knew that if she went back to fighting it would cause her unborn child to become more stressed.

Aria got onto Blaze and went to the middle ring. When they did, Aria jumped off of Blaze and started to shoot large boulders at the Chimera. Blaze flew over groups of Chimera and started to set them on fire with her fire breath. Aria looked at the sky and knew that attack on the flagship wasn’t going well. They already lost more then half of the fighter jets they sent to take it out. She wonders if she sent those fighter pilots to their deaths. A group of Chimera charged at her and she started to fight them. One Chimera tripped her and pinned her to the ground. It was about to shoot her, when Blaze grabbed it with her jaws and ripped it in half.

Aria got up and with help with Blaze, defeated the group of Chimera. Aria then heard a noise and saw a fighter jet on fire. She watched as the fighter jet headed toward the flagship and crashed into its bridge. With the bridge taking out, the flagships started to turn and crashed into a Chimera ship. Then that Chimera ship crashed into another ships and all three ships crashed onto the group of Goliaths, destroying them and crushing all the Chimera in the area. Aria looked at the crashed ships in disbelief. She couldn’t believe they took down the flagship. She shook her head and she and Blaze went back to the fighting.

In the tower, the Black Hood and Nazo walked into a room. Nazo didn’t see anything and wondered if it’s a trap. They kept looking around and then the Black Hood heard something.

“He’s in here. I can hear him. You better keep your eyes open,” the Black Hood said. Out of nowhere Diablo charged at Nazo and the Black Hood pushed him out of the way.

“It’s good to see you again Avatar,” Diablo said.

“It ends now Diablo,” Nazo said.

“That’s what you think. I will kill you today Avatar and the world will be ours.”

“This world doesn’t belong to you. You’ve lost it a long time ago,” the Black Hood said.

“That maybe true, but were going to take back what’s ours.” Nazo and the Black Hood charged at Diablo, but Diablo moves out of their way. Nazo starts to shoot fire blasts at Diablo, but he was too fast for him. The Black Hood took out a gun and started to shoot, again Diablo was too fast. Diablo head butts Nazo in the chest and smashes him against a wall. Diablo then grabs the Black Hood with his tail and smashes him to the ground. Diablo kept smashing the Black Hood into the ground, in till Nazo started to throw metal spears at him. Diablo drops the Black Hood and started to charge at Nazo.

Nazo then shoots more fire balls at Diablo and a few of them actually hit him. Diablo pinned Nazo to the wall and tried to bite his head off. Nazo took out a knife in his pocket and started to stab Diablo. Diablo moved backed at the Black Hood jumped on his back. The Black Hood was about to shoot Diablo in the head, but Diablo smashed the Black Hood in the wall and knocked him out. Nazo tried to hit Diablo with more metal disk, but Diablo wrapped himself around Nazo and started to squeeze him. Nazo was about to lose pass out, when he entered the Avatar State. He unleashed a huge wave of fire and Diablo was severely burned. Diablo let him go and Nazo started to shoot huge fireballs at him.

One side of Diablo’s face was burned, so he could only see through three of his six eyes. Nazo used this to his advantage and was able to hit Diablo with more of his attacks. He was cutting Diablo with metal disks and burning him with his fire attacks. Diablo was trying his best to dodge the attacks, but he couldn’t see most of the attacks coming, in till it was too late. Diablo was getting frustrated and tried to leave the room. Nazo stopped him from leaving, but metal bending the doors shut. Nazo then made a big metal spear and charged at Diablo. Diablo grabbed Nazo and threw him through the metal bent door. Nazo flew into another room and went out of the Avatar State. Diablo went up to him and was holding the metal spear with his tail.

“This is the end Avatar,” Diablo said. Nazo looked at Diablo and closed his eyes. He had failed. Then the Black Hood charged at Diablo and knocked the spear out of his tail. The Black Hood pinned Diablo down and looked at him.

“Do you know where we are?” the Black Hood asked.

“In the reactor room. Are you that dumb?” Diablo asked.

“I guess that’s the reactor behind us.” Diablo looked at the reactor that was right behind him. The Black Hood showed Diablo the explosives on his chest. Nazo saw the Black Hood and ran out of the room. The Black Hood activated the explosives and blew Diablo, the reactor and himself. An alarm set off and Nazo started to look for Ash. He found Ash and the group chasing after a small group of Chimera.

“What’s going on?” Ash asked.

“The place is going to blow. We have to get out of here,” Nazo said. The group started to run and a way out. Outside the tower, the military started to finish off the rest of the Chimera. They looked at the tower and saw it exploded. They ran towards the tower, hoping the group inside got out. They reached the destroyed tower and didn’t see anyone. They started to lose hope, when they saw the group. They all started to cheer when they heard that Diablo had been killed. They went back to the ships that weren’t destroyed and started to head back to Ba Sing Se.

When they got back, the city was in ruins. The Lower Ring was destroyed and the Middle Ring was barley there. They saw that the Chimera were gone and that the Upper Ring was barley touched. Nazo and Ash walked inside a tent and saw Aria and Mia. They hugged each other and they told them the good news. The two were happy to hear this and hugged them tighter. Nazo kissed Mia and asked how the baby was doing. Mia told him the baby was fine and that she was happy to see him alive. They both walked out of the tower and looked at the sky.


With their leader gone, the Pure Chimera started to fight each other. With their leaders fighting each other, the Chimera started to become unorganized. The humans used this to their advantage and began to take back the planet. They destroyed many of the Chimera towers and with the cure, the Chimera couldn’t gain more troops. In one year the Earth Kingdom was liberated and a few months later the Fire Nation, the Air Temples and the Water Tribes were free from the Chimera. After years of fighting the Chimera were defeated and the world began to rebuild.

At the Fire Nation Capital everyone was gathering around the rebuild palace to watch the crowning of the new Fire Lord. They watched as Mia and Nazo kneeled to the ground. A Fire Sage came out of the palace and crowned Mia and Nazo as Fire Lady and Fire Lord. Everyone started to cheer and Mia and Nazo rose up. Ash and Aria walked up the steps and went up to them. Aria was holding Mia and Nazo’s daughter, who they named Mina, and gave her to Mia. Mia and Nazo looked at their daughter and looked at the sky. The world was rebuilding and the world was finally at peace.

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