Nazo and Ash started to think of a way out of their situation. Earth benders started to make cover using the metal floor, but when the Chimera Steel Heads joined the fight, their cover became useless. The Steel Heads were using their guns to shoot through their cover and people were getting hit. Nazo then sees a hallway with no Chimera near it. The earth benders created cover that lead to the hallway. They manage to get to it, only to find more Chimera waiting for them. The groups of Chimera soon came behind them.

Nazo then set the Chimera in front of them on fire and they started to run down the hallway. The groups of Chimera followed them and started to fire on them. Some of the men started to fire back at the Chimera and were able to take a few down. They soon reached a dead end and they couldn’t see a way out. The Chimera cornered them and aimed their weapons at them. Nazo created a huge blast of air that sent the Chimera flying. When the Chimera were on the ground, they were able to finish them off. After finishing the Chimera, an earth bender told them that a group of Chimera was coming their way. They looked around and saw an air vent. They all went inside before the Chimera could find them.

“What’s our plan now?” a man asked.

“The plan hasn’t changed. We knew he would set some sort of trap,” Ash said.

“Are you sure he’s still here?” another man asked.

“They wouldn’t have set a trap if he wasn’t here. Still we better find him fast. He might change his mind and leave,” Nazo said. The group started to crawl around the vents in till they could find a safe place to jump out.

Outside the tower, the ground started to shake harder and harder. They didn’t have enough power to take down a Goliath. More Chimera troops were coming and they only have a few tanks left. The Chimera started to pin them down and they couldn’t move. Then in the distance they see ships coming in. They were battle ships and they had a Water Tribe symbol on them. The battle ships started to fire on the Chimera troops and water benders joined the fight. The water benders created huge waves that hit the Chimera and froze them in place.

With the Chimera distracted by the water benders, the soldiers and earth benders started to move up and help the water benders. The two groups started to push the Chimera back into a corner. When the Chimera were stuck in the corner when they see groups of air benders in the sky. They also saw some fighter jets. The air benders and the fighter jets started to drop bombs on the Chimera. When the group of Chimera was defeated the commander walked up to the water benders and the landing air benders.

“Why are you guys here? I don’t remember asking for your help,” the commander said.

“Your welcome, we herd what you were doing and came to help,” a water bender said.

“This is our last stand. If we fail then the world is lost,” an air bender said.

“Your right about that. We just need some fire benders,” the commander said.

“Don’t worry we brought some over. They should be coming here soon,” the water bender said. Soon a few more ships reached land and fire benders came running out.

“I can’t believe all four nations are standing together for one last stand.”

“I know it’s hard to believe. We better get to that tower before that Goliath gets here.” The army started to head towards the tower. They knew more Chimera were ahead and they need to be ready for them.

Back at Ba Sing Se, the situation isn’t good. The Chimera has pushed the army to the middle ring. Groups of Goliaths were coming and they couldn’t any air support because their jets were too busy taking care of the Chimera fighters. Aria and Mia were fighting their hardest, but they were getting tired. Blaze joined the fight and started tearing groups of Chimera to shreds. Mia collapsed on the ground for exhaustion and Aria had to bring her to a safe place. The only problem was that nowhere was safe. The Chimera were everywhere and they were going to reach the middle ring soon.

Aria put Mai on Blaze and told Blaze to bring Mia to the upper ring. Blaze did what she said and left the battlefield. Aria continued to fight, shooting big boulders at the Chimera and sinking Stalkers to the ground. After fighting for a long time, Aria felt she was going to pass out. Blaze arrived and put her on her back, sensing she was going to pass out. She brought Aria to medical tent, where Mia was. Aria lied down on a bed next to Mia and looked at her. She was still passed out and she started to worry about her unborn child. A man walked in and started to talk to Aria.

“How’s the battle going?” Aria asked.

“It’s not going good. They’re too many of them. We prepared for them, but they were never ready for an army this big,” the man said.

“We can’t let them take this city. We have to find a way to beat them.”

“That’s going to be hard. Not many people have taken the cure, so the Spire Missiles are still a big threat.”

“You must take out their leader,” Mia said waking up.

“What do you mean by that?” Aria asked.

“If the Black Hood was right, then the Chimera are just mindless drones being controlled by the Pure Chimera. A Pure Chimera must be leading this attack. If we take him out, then the Chimera won’t know what to do.”

“You have a good plan, but we don’t even know where this leader is,” the man said.

“I think I know where he might be. I saw one of the ships is bigger then the rest,” Aria said.

“That means it’s the capital ships. He must be inside that ships.”

“If we take out that ships, the we might win this battle,” Mia said.

“We better think of a plan now. If we want to win this thing,” Aria said.

Outside the tower, the army doesn’t see any Chimera. They started to get worried. They knew that the Chimera were here, but they couldn’t see any of them. Then large groups of Chimera came out of nowhere and started to fire on the army. They were caught off guard and lost a lot of men. They find cover and started to fight back. Air benders were blasting Chimeras in the sky with air blast, water benders were shooting ice spears at them and earth benders were shooting huge boulders at them. The battle ships were about to fire, when groups of Chimera Krakens started to attack the ships. They were caught off guard and most of the ships were destroyed. The surviving battleships started to fire at the Krakens.

After losing their navel support, they hoped that the jet fighters could help. A few jet fighters were coming for a bombing run, when Stalkers started to shoot them down. They were now without any support and the Chimera had pinned them down. The few remaining tanks were getting destroyed and they were getting pushed back. Then a Goliath showed up and they knew they needed a plan. The tide had turn and they hoped that Nazo and his team had reached the tower.

In the tower, Nazo sees a spot where they could jump down from the vents. They jump out of the vents and see no Chimera. They started to search for Diablo, while avoiding groups of Chimera. They kept looking and soon walked into a big room. Nazo then sees Diablo in another room. When he runs towards it, groups of Chimera come at started to fire on them. Diablo notices Nazo and started to leave.

“Nazo go after him. We can deal with the Chimera,” Ash said.

“When this is all over I’m bringing you to the bar, my treat,” Nazo said.

“Sounds good to me.” Nazo ran out of the room and started to chase Diablo. Diablo didn’t get too far and Nazo was on his tail. He kept chasing him, in till Diablo turned a corner. When Nazo reached the corner, he didn’t see Diablo. He started to look for a door, but couldn’t find any. As he was looking, a trap door opened and Nazo almost fell into a hole with spikes on the bottom. He was pulling himself out, when his hand slipped. He started to fall, but someone cached his hand. He looked up and was shocked at who it was.

“Good to see you again Avatar.”

“The Black Hood?”

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