As the ships head towards the tower, Nazo begins to get nervous. He wasn’t sure he could defeat Diablo, but he knows he has to. Ash notices that Nazo is nervous and tries to calm him down.

“Everything will be alright. You can do this,” Ash said.

“What happens if I don’t?” Nazo asks.

“Don’t think about that. You’ll just worry yourself more.”

“He knows I’m coming. He’s probably getting ready to leave or getting ready to face me.”

“It doesn’t matter that he knows your coming. Even if he prepares to fight you, it won’t matter. You’ll still defeat him.” Nazo knows Ash was trying to help him feel better, but it didn’t help. Still he can’t let this get the better of him. A voice from the speakers said they would be reaching land soon and that everyone should get ready. Everyone got up and started to get ready for the upcoming battle. A few minutes later they reached land and the doors open. Everyone ran out and were met with heavy resistance.

The Chimera started firing upon them as soon as they got to the shore. Many men were killed before they could get out of their ships. There were thousand of Chimera shooting at them and they could see the tower a few miles ahead of them. The soldiers started firing back, but couldn’t get any good shots at the Chimera. The Chimera had very good cover, while they barely had any. Some earth benders started to create cover, while others started to bring down some of the Chimera’s cover. With most of their cover gone, the Chimera started to lose a lot of soldiers. Just as they thought they had the upper hand, a group of Stalkers come marching in. They knew they had to take out the Stalkers or they will be crushed.

At Ba Sing Se the Chimera fleet reach the outer wall. Anti-aircraft guns started to fire upon the fleet and the Chimera couldn’t get their troops behind the wall. Chimera troops started to land outside the wall and began firing at the anti-aircraft guns. The Chimera were having a hard time destroying the guns, so they send Longlegs to jump on top of the wall and started to kill the soldiers on the wall.

Earth benders tried to shoot the Longlegs before they got on the wall, but they were to fast and they were only able to hit a few of them. Aria and Mia arrive at the outer wall and started to help defend it. The Longlegs landed in front of them and Mia set them all on fire and Aria crushed a few more Longlegs that landed behind them. They started to run towards the anti-aircraft guns, but a big explosion destroyed a big part of the wall. The Chimera started to swarm through the hole and they were able to destroy the ant-aircraft guns on the outer wall.

Aria and Mia kept the Chimera from reaching the middle ring, but knew they would have to fall back soon. More and more Chimera were coming and nothing was stopping their ships from coming into the city. Then they herd the ground shake. They knew that a Goliath was coming. They had to think of something fast or the Goliath will tear them to shreds.

Back on the beach, the soldiers were stuck and couldn’t move forward. The Stalkers were pinning them down and the Chimera were coming closer. Then a group of Earth benders got out of cover and started to charge at the Chimera. People thought they were crazy and knew they were going to get killed. Some were killed during the charge, but the rest got close enough to the stalkers to sink them to the ground. Everyone else started to charge at the Chimera and killed many of them. Both sides are now on even playing fields. Soon reinforcements started to arrive and they brought tanks with them.

The tanks were a big help and they started destroying groups of Chimera. Even with more groups of Stalkers, the tanks were able to take them down with few losses. Everyone was in a good mood now and felt the Chimera had no chance. Then they thought about the Goliaths and knew that they can’t celebrate yet. They knew the Goliaths were coming and they had to prepare for them. It wasn’t long before the ground started to shake.

“Where is the Avatar? I haven’t seen him since the battle started,” a soldier said.

“He’s underground with a squad of men and earth benders. This battle is just a distraction. Were making their job easier,” the commander said. Underground the group was heading towards the tower. They could hear the battle above ground. They could also hear the ground shake and worry that the tunnel they made would collapse.

“I hope they could take care of those Goliaths,” a man said.

“I think they can. How far are we from the tower?” another man asked.

“Not even close to it. It’s going to take us awhile,” Ash said.

“I should be up their helping them,” Nazo said.

“Nazo we went over this. You might die if you were up there. There keeping most of the Chimera away from the tower.”

“I really doubt that. If Diablo is still there, then the security will be tight.”

“It won’t matter anyway. We’ll still defeat the Chimera.”

“What ever you say Ash.” After soon time has passed they reach the tower. They got out of the tunnel and see no Chimera. They started to wonder where they were.

“Where are they?” a man asked.

“I thought there be Chimera here,” another man said.

“Keep your eyes open. We might be walking into a trap,” Ash said. They walked inside the tower and still see no Chimera. Then one of the men was shot in the head and they took cover. Soon groups of Chimera started to swarm in. They were pinned down and they couldn’t get up to take a shot. It was going to be a long day and it might not even end well.

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