After traveling for a few hours they arrive at the city of Helghan. Aria looked at the city with amazement. The city was bright at night with all of its lights. They land in the city and a group of men came up to them.

“What do you think your doing? You can’t land inside the city. You need to be checked first,” one man said.

“Then check us then,” Ash said. The men checked them all and let them go.

“We should land outside next time. We don’t want any trouble,” Aria said.

“I was tired and wasn’t thinking straight. We should look for a place to stay.”

“I’m getting tired as well. I can’t believe those two are still asleep.”

“They had a rough day.”

“So did we.”

“Someone needs to control Blaze’s flight path.” Ash and Aria started to look for a place to stay, while Blaze follows them with Nazo and Mia on her back. Ash and Aria find a hotel and ordered two rooms. Mia and Aria in one room and Ash and Nazo in the other. The next morning Ash woke up and saw Nazo wasn’t next to him. He took his shower and went into the hotel lounge. He saw everyone eating breakfast and sat down with them.

“Look who’s up,” Aria said.

“Good morning to you too. I didn’t think I would see Nazo up this early,” Ash said.

“I did fall asleep after the battle. So that’s why I’m up early,” Nazo said.

“I never thought I would come to this place. I herd about it, but didn’t think it would be this advanced,” Mia said.

“That’s what I said, when I saw the flying cars,” Aria said.

“We should get a flying car one day. It would help with getting out of traffic,” Nazo said.

“Yes it would, but you would crash it,” Ash said.

“Aria told you, didn’t she?”

“Oh yes, she told me about you driving that car. You crashed it in 10 seconds.”

“Anyway, me and Nazo are going to walk around the city,” Mia said.

“Have fun then. Don’t get lost now. This place is bigger then the Fire Nation Capital,” Aria said.

“Don’t worry we won’t get lost. We have a map of the city. Lets go Nazo.” Nazo and Mia left the hotel to walk around the city, while Ash and Aria stayed at the hotel.

“So how’s he doing?” Ash asked.

“What do you mean by that?” Aria asked.

“The Fire Nation fell, when he said he wouldn’t. I would feel pretty upset about that.”

“I’m not sure how is doing. I tried to bring it up, but he keeps changing the subject.”

“I guess he doesn’t want to talk about it. Well at least not to you.”

“I hope this doesn’t change his mind.”

“I hope so too. If he does, then nothing will stop the Chimera.” Mia and Nazo are walking around the city, looking at all the places. They watch flying cars drive above their heads. They went to a nearby theme park and went on all the rides. They had a lot of fun, but Mia was worried about Nazo. The Fire Nation fell and Nazo hasn’t said a word about it. She’s afraid that Nazo is losing hope and that he might go back into hiding. She felt that if he does, then all hope will truly be lost.

“Nazo are you okay?” Mia asked.

“Yes I’m okay. Why do you ask?” Nazo asks.

“Are you sure? You know my Nation fell last night.”

“Oh look a robot. Lets go see it.”

“Don’t change the subject Nazo. You seem to avoid the subject. It’s like you want to forget that you were there.”

“I might as well have not been there. I made no difference in the battle. All I did was run away.”

“You were trying to get me to safety. That is different from running away. You could have made a difference.”

“I could have, not that I would have. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“That’s your problem Nazo. You don’t want to talk about it. You don’t like talking about your failures. Nazo it’s not wrong to talk about your failures. It might make you feel better if you do talk about them.” Nazo looked at Mia and knew she was right. He didn’t like talking about his failures and wishes he would forget them or go back in time to fix them. Mia grabbed his hand and looked at him in the eye. “I’ll be there for you, when you want to talk about it.” Nazo node and the two started to walk around again.

Aria and Ash walk into a factory owned by one of Ash’s friends. It was a huge factory with thousands of machines at work. As they walk around, a man walked up to them.

“Who gave you permission to walk around my factory?” the man asked.

“I’m sorry, we didn’t know we were going,” Aria said.

“You better watch were your going. I might do something.”

“You can drop the act Eric. This is my friend Aria.” Aria looked at Eric. He was young and looked handsome. She was surprised Ash had a friend that wasn’t in the army and looked this good.

“It’s nice to meet you Eric. So this is your factory?” Aria asked.

“Yes this is my factory. One of the biggest in the world,” Eric said.

“What do you build here?”

“We make everything you can think of. I started this factory years ago. I make money everyday.”

“That sounds amazing. No one wonder you look so good.”

“Everyone says that to me. Currently my factory is the only one so far that produces the Hale Vaccine.”

“What’s the Hale Vaccine?”

“I never herd of that either,” Ash said.

“Of course you haven’t herd of it. We made it only a few weeks ago. It’s the cure for the Chimera Virus,” Eric said. When Eric said that, Ash and Aria were in shock. They never thought a cure for the Chimera Virus would ever be made.

“How did you make the virus?” Aria asked.

“I want to know to,” Ash said.

“Well it’s a long story. When the Chimera attack, a group of scientist started Project Abraham. It was created to make super soldiers with the Chimera Virus. Only a few people survived, but it did help save a few places. One of them was injected with Pure Chimera DNA before being injected with the virus. It made him semi-immune to the virus, but eventually the virus took over him, when he took too long to get his inhibitor treatment,” Eric said.

“What’s an inhibitor?” Aria asked.

“It’s what we use to slow down the Chimera Virus. The project didn’t make them fully immune, just semi-immune. Anyway we had to execute him and we did tests on his blood. It seems his immune system started to fight the virus and removed it. His blood became the cure.”

“So what your making is actually blood,” Aria said

“It’s not really blood, but I might confuse you with the details.”

“I think you would.”

“When are you going to start shipping this cure to the other cities?” Ash asked

“We tried doing that after we started producing the cure. The Chimera keep destroying our transports,” Eric said.

“That’s not good. Maybe the Chimera knew you made the cure.”

“It’s possible, but I can’t say for sure. Anyway do you want to take vaccine?”

“Of course we do,” Aria said.

“Then come with me then,” Eric said. As they went to get vaccinated, Mia and Nazo already took the vaccine from a nearby clinic.

“I can’t believe they found a cure,” Mia said.

“That’s what I said. Maybe there is hope now. If we can bring this cure to the other cities, then the Chimera can’t produce anymore troops. We might actually win this war,” Nazo said.

“Don’t get your hopes high just yet. It will take a few years to defeat the Chimera.”

“I don’t care how long it takes. As long as they go back home crying.”

“Your feeling a lot better now. That’s good to hear.”

“Yes I do feel better. Thank you for taking me out. I think that’s what I needed.”

“We both needed it. After what happen last night.”

“You were right about me. I don’t like talking about my failures. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save your nation.”

“Don’t worry about it Nazo. You did the best you could. Since we are alone, I want to…” before she could finish Nazo got up and started to run. “Where you going?”

“I have to use the bathroom.”

“Wait for me then. I don’t need you getting lost.” Nazo ran fast as he could to find a bathroom and Mia followed him. She was getting annoyed that something happens, when she’s about to tell Nazo her feelings. Once they found a bathroom, Nazo ran inside and Mia waited outside. When Nazo came out he didn’t see her. Then he herd someone call for him.

“Nazo, help me!” a voice said. It was Mia and Nazo ran towards her voice. When he did he saw the Black Hood, holding a knife at Mia’s neck.

“Black Hood, how did you…”

“Survive? Did you think that fire would have killed me?” the Black Hood asked.

“Actually I didn’t. Still I thought I would never see you again,” Nazo said.

“I knew we would see each other again. I knew because I followed you everywhere you went.”

“That sounds creepy,” Mia said.

“You shut your mouth or I’ll kill you.”

“Don’t you dare touch her,” Nazo said with an angry voice. He didn’t want Mia to get hurt.

“What are you going to do? You can’t attack me without her getting hurt. Since I disable her bending with chi-blocking, she is my hostage. As you can clearly see. I will take away the one person you care the most.”

“No you won’t. You will…” before he could finish, a group of chi-blockers jumped in and hit him. Nazo fell to the ground and can’t move because his chi has been blocked. The Black Hood gave Mia to one of the chi-blockers and went up to Nazo.

“I could kill you right now, but I won’t. It would be too easy to kill you and you won’t see me take the one person you love. Have a nice sleep Avatar,” the Black Hood said before Nazo passes out. When Nazo wake up, he sees that they were gone. Nazo broke into tears. They took Mia away from him and he failed to protect her.

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