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  • Shadowboss15

    Well I just finished writing the last chapter of Avatar: The Resistance. I had fun writing it and I hoped anyone who read it enjoyed it. I plan on writing another Avatar fannon next summer. It's proboly going to be my last Avatar fannon because it's the only idead I have that I can write. I have other ideas for Avatar fannons, but I just can't write them. I had an Idea for a sequel for Avatar: The Resistance, but it's more like a drama series and I can't write drama.

    The idea I have for it is good and I would like someone to write this type of story I have in my mind, if someone hasn't written one yet. The story moslty resolves around Nazo trying to balance his duties as the Avatar and Fire Lord. Also he has to raise a family at the same ti…

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  • Shadowboss15

    The Black Hood gets Nazo out of the hole and Nazo couldn’t believe his eyes. The Black Hood saved him and not only that, he saved his life. He started to think that he was dreaming.

    “I don’t even get a thank you?” The Black said.

    “Why did you save me? Last time you were trying to kill me. Also aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Nazo asked.

    “I threw the explosives away before I detonated it. I wasn’t going to get captured by the cops. I saved you because we need to defeat the Chimera once and for all.”

    “Does that mean your going to stop killing me?”

    “No I’m still going to kill you, but not right now. Once this is all over I will kill you.”

    “I guess that means I still can’t trust you. Still we have to kill Diablo before he escapes.”

    “He doesn’t plan …

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  • Shadowboss15

    Nazo and Ash started to think of a way out of their situation. Earth benders started to make cover using the metal floor, but when the Chimera Steel Heads joined the fight, their cover became useless. The Steel Heads were using their guns to shoot through their cover and people were getting hit. Nazo then sees a hallway with no Chimera near it. The earth benders created cover that lead to the hallway. They manage to get to it, only to find more Chimera waiting for them. The groups of Chimera soon came behind them.

    Nazo then set the Chimera in front of them on fire and they started to run down the hallway. The groups of Chimera followed them and started to fire on them. Some of the men started to fire back at the Chimera and were able to tak…

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  • Shadowboss15

    As the ships head towards the tower, Nazo begins to get nervous. He wasn’t sure he could defeat Diablo, but he knows he has to. Ash notices that Nazo is nervous and tries to calm him down.

    “Everything will be alright. You can do this,” Ash said.

    “What happens if I don’t?” Nazo asks.

    “Don’t think about that. You’ll just worry yourself more.”

    “He knows I’m coming. He’s probably getting ready to leave or getting ready to face me.”

    “It doesn’t matter that he knows your coming. Even if he prepares to fight you, it won’t matter. You’ll still defeat him.” Nazo knows Ash was trying to help him feel better, but it didn’t help. Still he can’t let this get the better of him. A voice from the speakers said they would be reaching land soon and that everyone…

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  • Shadowboss15

    A few days have passed since they found out the Earth king’s secret. They want to change the Earth King’s mind, but they needed to wait for their appointment to be approved, since they don’t want to cause any more trouble. They decided to not to tell anyone about the deal because they believed no one would believe them and they also didn’t have proof. Ash and Aria noticed that Mia and Nazo have been acting odd lately. They would always sneak away from them when they have a chance. Still the two knew what they were doing and didn’t want to bother them about it.

    Outside the city of Ba Sing Se, a fleet of Chimera ships was hiding behind a group of mountains. Inside one of the ships, a Pure Chimera general was talking to Diablo.

    “Our ships are i…

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